Montessori Subscription Box

Parents always want to give their children the best right from the beginning. The brain undergoes maximum development within the first three years in children. Children being more receptive in the initial years of their growth, it is essential to involve them in activities that provide them with opportunities to hone their physical and cognitive skills while allowing them to explore their surroundings.

Social interactions were greatly hampered during the recent pandemic and parents often found it challenging to fill the gap in engaging their children. Every parent wants to engage their child through activities that can spark their imagination and develop different skills. Montessori toys, materials, and development-friendly books are great choices to encourage children for meaningful play.

With the massive amount of information available, it can be baffling for parents to pick up the right ones. The Montessori Subscription Boxes are here to ease your dilemma.

Are you still thinking about whether to subscribe to it?

Here are some facts that can help you decide.

What is a Montessori Subscription Box?

Montessori Subscription Boxes are fun and engage children through exploratory learning and creativity. The ideal Montessori Subscription Boxes contain age-appropriate Montessori toys, development books, and hands-on STEAM and crafts for children.

Parents, educators, and experts found that subscription boxes are the perfect way to ensure that everything is available on-hand to engage young minds. Monthly subscription boxes relieve you from the burden of restocking your kits time and again.

Benefits of a Montessori subscription box

You can enjoy the benefits of the Montessori Subscription Box right from their homes. All you need to do is sign up for the subscription boxes for children, and you can receive fun and amusing packages at your homes every month.

  • With a plethora of toys floating around in the stores and claiming to be the best, you can rely on the subscription box in choosing some age-appropriate Montessori materials for your child every month.
  • When you are busy and fall behind on getting new materials for your child, they are likely to become bored and distracted. It is where a monthly subscription box comes to your rescue.
  • Every child is different and has varied interests – some children enjoy crafting, while some enjoy art and music, and some enjoy helping in the kitchen. It ensures children have the activities of their interest every time.
  • It saves from the inconvenience and expenses of running to the store or the tedious online search to order new supplies for the children.
  • It can minimize your time as you spend a lot of time procuring arts and crafts materials, books, and toys from different locations.

Are you looking for the best Montessori Subscription Boxes available?

You can find it here.

1) Monti kids

Age – 0-3 years

When you subscribe to Monti Kids, they provide a comprehensive and authentic Montessori toy curriculum. As you sign up with them, you will receive a box of high-quality and selected Montessori materials designed by experts. You get access to the Monti Kids online Learning Center with instructional videos, research, and tips.

For any issues, you can reach out to their efficient customer service.

They have eight levels, and each one includes around six toys that focus on particular skills.

They assure growing concentration, perseverance, and confidence in your child as they master the toys. The materials are specifically designed to achieve developmental milestones at each level.

2) The Hoppi Box

Age – 0-4 years

The Hoppi Box has a quarterly subscription, and you get four boxes yearly that are customized according to your baby’s age and developmental milestones.

Each box provides an assortment of high-quality, natural, eco-friendly, and sustainable toys and books curated by child development experts. These boxes are designed to nurture your child’s mind and development.

These materials support your child’s development, curiosity, and imagination. As toys are eco-friendly, you need not worry about children putting them in their mouths.

They cater to each stage of growth of your child, from infancy to toddler, with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use them.

3) Koala Crate

Age – 2-4 years

Koala Crate is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and is developed by the popular   subscription box company Kiwi Co. It offers Montessori toys and materials that are safe for children. It makes the learning convenient and enriching as the kids build, create and explore. Extended stories, puzzles, and activities feature in their magazine.

They provide opportunities for hands-on learning through play. The children learn STEM education along with sensory art and soft skills with each crate. They develop gross and fine motor skills, and the activities are fun and engage them in imaginative play.

4) Montessori By Mom

       Age – 3-5 years

With the subscription of Montessori By Mom, you get a Montessori Toolbox each month. Each toolbox has themed curriculum activities that you need for teaching your kids. It has all the required materials that ensure fun and learning. It contains online resources and printables.

They have an extension of activities with other materials that can engage your children for hours together. They come with easy online video instructions.

5) Lovevery

Age – 0-3 years

Lovevery offers play essentials for every stage of children. The toys are eco-friendly and sustainable. With the subscription, parenting becomes easier as you can access expert research, tips, ways to play, and activity ideas that fit into your family’s life.  

They have different play kits that have materials appropriate for each stage of development of the brain. The materials are designed by experts, infused with their simplest and purest purpose that links brain science with Montessori.

6) Little Global Citizens

Age – 4-10 years

This Montessori subscription box focuses on cultural education. Your child will get crafts, activities, a guide, recipes, a book, and many more with each subscription box. Little Global Citizens delivers a new country every other month.

Your child will learn about the different countries and cultures through these engaging activities.

This subscription fosters open-mindedness, compassion & global awareness in children. The children get their geography lesson by learning about the world around them.

7) Little Learners Busy Box

Age – 2-4 years

This monthly themed box builds preschool skills. Little Learners Busy Box is curated by a homeschooling mom keeping in mind the busy moms. It has activity kits that can be mixed and matched to create more learning opportunities.

Each box focuses on fun themes every month and encourages independence, educational and hands-on play in children. These activities do not need any prior preparation.

Final Thoughts

Montessori toys and activities are fast becoming an integral part of every family. You can subscribe to one for your child and start on a new journey from the comfort of your home.