Montessori Books for Toddlers

Reading is one of the best ways to efficiently introduce new vocabulary to your child and allow them to learn about the world that is around them.

It is quite unconventional to associate reading and language activities with a toddler’s learning process, but it can be one of the best ways to stimulate their senses and develop their language skills. 

The Montessori Method of education is a century-old pedagogical tool that promotes your child to become confident, independent, and self-reliant from a very young age. 

A quintessential Montessori Classroom incorporates different furniture, toys, and materials that promote autodidactic education. 

The Montessori book corner or Montessori bookshelves are a fun reading station for children of any age group.

Toddlers and infants are a part of the first plane of development and have specific needs and requirements. 

For the initial six years of the child’s life, they are highly susceptible to the stimuli present in the surrounding environment and have an absorbent mind

Montessori books for toddlers can be a fun way of introducing the concept of language to the child as well as strengthening their creative imagination. 

Key features to look for in a Montessori Book for toddlers are beautiful illustration, fewer readable words on the page, real-life concepts, and rich language.

In fact, Montessori Books for toddlers are a fun way of incorporating sensory stimuli, and information resources to build their language skills, and vocabulary, and help them understand the concepts of the world around them. 

Finding the right Montessori Book for your toddler can be a pretty perplexing task, so to simplify things for you, below is a list compiling some of the best Montessori Books for Toddlers that your child should read before age three!

Key Takeaways:

  1. Montessori Books for toddlers are normal illustrative books that are aligned with the Montessori philosophy
  2. Montessori books incorporate beautiful illustrations and easy-to-comprehend language to help expand the child’s vocabulary
  3. Montessori Books for toddlers should be based on reality to help children develop an understanding of the world

What should you look for in a Montessori Book for your Toddler?

Montessori Books for Toddlers are common books that are aligned with the educational philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori

While there are no specific guidelines for choosing the right Montessori for your toddler you can refer to the characteristics mentioned below to find the right Montessori book for your toddler:

The Montessori Books for Toddlers should be based on reality

Like any other Montessori material or Montessori toy, Montessori Books too should be based on real-life concepts. 

Montessori books for toddlers should integrate reality-based objects, experiences, and stories to give the child an educational insight into the environment and world that surrounds them.

Should incorporate Aesthetically Pleasing Imagery

Along with being based on reality, Montessori Books should also be beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing. 

Parents should select aesthetically pleasing Montessori Books for their toddlers that have beautiful illustrations. 

Should have Rich Language

Montessori Books should integrate rich and descriptive language that should use accurate words and not include baby talk to confuse the toddler. 

Montessori Books for Toddlers can also include rhymes and poems to keep things exciting for their children.

The Book Should Age-Appropriate for the child

An age-appropriate Montessori Book for toddlers should be broad in terms of size for children under the age of 1 year. 

Once the child gets the hang of using sturdy and broader books, you can switch to using paperback books for later years.

The Montessori Book should incorporate a certain amount or number of words per page

Montessori Books for toddlers are ideally guidebooks for children who are just beginning to develop their linguistic skills. 

While for infants one or two words per page can help, Montessori Books for toddlers can also integrate grammatically sound sentences to enhance their vocabulary.

The Montessori Book should integrate interesting and important details for the child to learn about

In order to make the educational process for the toddler extra interesting, you can select Montessori Books for toddlers that have engaging illustrations. 

Interesting illustrations in Montessori Books allow children to find new details and topics each time they open the book and make them seekers of knowledge. 

A list of the best Montessori Books for toddlers:

There are a plethora of Montessori Books available online that promote the development of linguistic, reading, comprehension, and cognitive skills in children. 

To help you clear your confusion and help you find the best Montessori books meant for toddlers, below is a list of Montessori books for children between the ages of 1 to 3 years of age:

1. We are going on a bear hunt by Helen Oxenbury

A beloved classic Montessori Inspired book, the book “We are Going on a Bear Hunt” by Helen Oxenbury is adorned with vivid imagery and intriguing illustrations. 

The Book allows toddlers to spot the bear who can be cited on a family adventure. Not only is this book exciting to sift through, but it is also easy for toddlers to comprehend and adults to read. 

2. My Big Book of Everything by Roger Priddy

The book “My Big Book of Everything” by Roger Priddy is a great book for building your toddler’s vocabulary.

The book is classified into different sections or groups based on objects and has easy-to-read and comprehensible sentences.

The book allows the toddler to learn about new objects, animals, and places, every day. 

The book has exciting pictures and colorful illustrations to go along with the names that are easy for the child to read. 

3. Slide and Sleek Animals by Roger Priddy

Another great Montessori book by Roger Priddy is “Slide and Sleek Animals” which is intriguing and fascinating for your tiny toddler. 

Each page fashions vivid illustrations of different animals with their corresponding names and quizzes that match their intrigue. 

A highly interactive book, “Slide and Sleek Animals” by Roger Priddy is a must-buy for any toddler. 

4. Harold and the Purple Crayon by Crockett Johnson

This Montessori Book by Crockett Johnson “Harold and the Purple Crayon” is an aesthetically appealing and easy-to-read book for toddlers. 

Not only does this book help expand the child’s vocabulary, but it also promotes them to learn about new shapes. 

5. Big and Little by Margret Miller

The book “Big and Little” by Marget Miller is a great addition to any Montessori Book Library but at home or in the classroom. 

This Montessori Book for toddlers incorporates simple phrases on each new page that toddlers can easily learn and read. 

Not only does this book have exciting phrases it also has beautiful illustrations of daily objects that children can easily identify and recognize.

6. My first Book about me (Baby Face) by Teresa Culkin Lawrence

If you are searching for a great Montessori book for your toddler with beautiful illustrations, “My First Book about me” by Teresa Culkin Lawrence is meant for you. 

But this Montessori Book is more than beautiful illustrations, it allows children to understand their different organs and senses as well as promotes them to learn more about the world that surrounds them. 

7. Eco People On The Go by Jan Gerardi

The “Eco People on the Go” by Jan Gerardi is an exciting and captivating Montessori book for your tiny toddler. 

This Montessori book gives toddlers an insight into the day-to-day activities that are performed outside the house and gets them excited about getting energetic or heading outside. 

8. Lifesize Animal Counting Book by DK Publishing

The “Lifesize Animal Counting Book” by DK Publishing is a popular book amongst all tiny toddlers and children. 

This Book comes along with beautiful illustrations and images of the different lifesize animals along with their corresponding names.

Not only does this book help children expand their vocabulary, but it also promotes them to compare the sizes of the animals printed in the book. 

Although the book is quite hard to find, this Montessori book for toddlers is a great addition to any Montessori Bookshelf.

9. Baby’s First Sounds Broad Book by Hinkler Books

What better way to excite your child than by introducing them to new and exciting sounds?

The Montessori Book “Baby’s First Sounds Broad Book” by Hinkler Books is perfect for the early stages of development in children. 

The book consists of new and large animal illustrations on each page with the corresponding sounds the animals make.

Should you buy a Montessori Book for your toddler?

Montessori Books unlike any other books targeted at children between the ages of 1 to 3 years incorporate highly engaging illustrations and rich language to help develop their linguistic skills.

These books for toddlers are free from any baby talks and instead integrate descriptive language to help enhance the toddler’s vocabulary.

Montessori books for toddlers are free from any fairy tales or fictitious stories and allow them to become acquainted with real-life objects and experiences in their surrounding environment.

Montessori Books are more than just common books for toddlers they are an opportunity to expand the child’s horizons and introduce them to the beauty of the world from a very young age.

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