IKEA Furniture and Products for Montessori

The Montessori Method of education is more than just a traditional pedagogical tool, it’s a way of living.

There are several unconventional aspects that often seem to be eccentric to most individuals who are not fully acquainted with the Montessori Method.

With unique concepts such as Montessori Prepared environment or Cosmic Education, it is natural for Montessori beginners to become bewildered.

In contrast to traditional educational institutions that limit your child’s developmental experiences to basic curricula, desks, chairs, and a classroom, the Montessori Method of education provides children with education beyond the books.

While the Montessori Classroom environment lays heavy emphasis on the holistic development of children, The child’s Home Environment is equally as important.

It can be quite perplexing for parents to find age-appropriate furniture that aligns with the Montessori Philosophy.

When searching for Montessori Furniture begins to feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, IKEA always comes to the rescue.

With affordable and accessible child-sized furniture as well as products, IKEA is a great destination to find the best Montessori Furniture.

Here is a list of some affordable, hyped, and accessible Montessori Furniture that is a must-have for every Montessori Home.

What is Montessori Furniture Exactly?

Montessori Furniture can be regarded as common furniture that aligns with the Montessori Philosophy and Montessori Principles.

Montessori Furniture essentially allows children to participate in household chores and activities involving self-hygiene independently.

Unlike traditional furniture for children, Montessori Furniture caters to the age-appropriate and individual needs of the child.

These furniture pieces instill values of order, responsibility, and self-reliance in children as well as help children take ownership of their personal space.

Ideally, Montessori Furniture should be child-sized to promote the child to partake in activities without adult interference and manufactured from wood or other natural substances to develop a sense of respect towards nature in the child.

What are the Characteristics of the Montessori Furniture?

Montessori Furniture is more than just play toys for your younger ones, they are a pathway to your child achieving optimum development.

In order to fully comprehend what Montessori Furniture is, parents, educators, and immediate caregivers must acknowledge the chief characteristics.

Here is a list of characteristics of Montessori Montessori Furniture that every parent should recognize:


Dr. Maria Montessori Strictly prohibits the use of synthetic and plastic materials, hence every Montessori Material or Montessori toy is manufactured from naturally sourced substances such as wood, steel, glass, or bamboo.

Hence, every piece of furniture in your child’s prepared environment should be manufactured from wood or other natural substances.

Furniture manufactured from naturally sourced materials are child-friendly as well as helps the child develop a sense of respect for nature.


When you think of the furniture in the Montessori environment, always think child-sized.

Child-Sized Furniture in a Montessori Prepared Environment is accessible and less intimidating for your child.

With the help of child-sized Montessori Furniture, children are encouraged and motivated to perform daily chores or self-hygiene activities without any adult intervention.


Traditional furniture targeted toward children often integrates flashy, noisy, unrealistic, and vibrantly colored components that can often overstimulate and overwhelm the child.

Montessori Furniture on the contrary incorporates simple, realistic, and natural components that provide children with age-appropriate stimuli to promote fine motor as well as gross motor development.


Every aspect, material, furniture, or piece in a Montessori Prepared Environment incorporates elements that promote holistic development in children.

Children while interacting with Montessori Furniture engage in resourceful activities that stimulate their senses as well as promote cognitive and physical development.

No Restrictions:

The Montessori Method of education provides children with freedom within limits.

Children are encouraged to venture out of their comfort zone and explore new possibilities in a Montessori Prepared Environment.

Hence, Montessori Furniture must not limit the child’s play experience and allow them to move freely.

Top 10 IKEA Furniture for a Montessori Prepared Environment:

Upon understanding the chief characteristics of Montessori Furniture parents can successfully distinguish between common furniture and furniture that aligns with the Montessori Principles.

It can be quite bewildering for most individuals to find the right Montessori Furniture that caters to their child’s needs.

Here is a list of exciting Montessori Furniture and Montessori Products available in IKEA that are a definite must-have for any Montessori Prepared Environment:

1. Child-sized tables and chairs:

Provide your child with a unique opportunity to dine and work in their own personal space.

These Montessori Style tables and chairs are the perfect way to establish your child’s independent personal space.

These tables and chairs are manufactured from wood and child-sized that can be turned into an arts and crafts station for your child.


2. Montessori shelves:

Montessori Shelves are child-sized shelves that accommodate Montessori toys, materials, and activities that spark the child’s interest in hands-on learning.

These shelves do not have any doors or drawers to effectively display these Montessori Materials.

With the help of a Montessori shelf, the Montessori materials are easily accessible to children which encourages the children to independently take out and put back their designated materials.


3. Montessori Step Stool:

Step stools are a perfect way to encourage your younger one to indulge in self-care and self-hygiene activities independently.

This Montessori Step tool is durable and is manufactured from quality wood to increase its longevity.


4. Montessori Play Kitchen:

IKEA Duktig aligns almost seamlessly with the Montessori Philosophy and provides children with the best kitchen experience.

The IKEA Duktig miniature play kitchen is made from natural substances and has a minimal appeal that is pleasing to the eyes.

As beautiful as this Montessori Play Kitchen is, IKEA Duktig Play Kitchen is also efficient and versatile.

This play kitchen has three different size settings, making this Montessori Toy a perfect partner for your developing toddler.


You can read more about Montessori Play Kitchen here.

5. Child-sized reading chair:

There is nothing better than a comfortable, fashionable, and adorable child-sized reading chair.

Add a touch of elegance to your child’s study room by providing them with a luxurious armchair.


6. Montessori Kitchen tools:

What’s a kitchen without kitchen tools and kitchen equipment? The Montessori Method of education promotes your child to become independence by providing them with unique opportunities.

Montessori Kitchen tools are integral for creating a child-friendly Montessori environment.

Montessori Kitchen tools and utensils should be child-safe, child-sized, and easy to maneuver.

7. Montessori Drawing Easel:

Unleash your child’s inner artist by providing them with a child-sized and functional Montessori Drawing Easel.

This Montessori Easel is perfect for a tiny toddler’s height and is manufactured from good-quality wood for increased longevity.

8. Montessori Style wardrobe:

Establish the qualities of independence, confidence, and a sense of responsibility by allowing them to pick out their outfits from their very own wardrobe.

Wardrobes that align with the Montessori Philosophy should be accessible, manufactured from naturally sourced materials, and child-sized.

This Montessori Wardrobe from IKEA is durable, affordable, and definitely stylish enough for your child’s bedroom environment.


9. Child-friendly glasses:

Glasses that align with the Montessori philosophy should be child-sized, manufactured from natural substances, and shatterproof.

Shatterproof Glasses are a great way to avoid unintended accidents and help encourage children to become confident as well as independent.


10. Montessori high chairs:

High chairs are a great way to provide your infant with a boost in elevation and enhance their posture.

Montessori high chairs allow infants and toddlers to develop their gross motor skills by independently climbing on the chair, placing their feet on a platform, and sitting up straight while they enjoy their daily meals with a family.

This Montessori high chair is durable, manufactured from wood, and completely child safe as it fashions a belt to avoid any accidents.


Why incorporate Montessori Furniture?

Montessori furniture is a step towards providing your child with optimum freedom and a safe learning environment.

Montessori furniture pieces instill values of order, responsibility, and self-reliance in children as well as help children take ownership of their personal space.

These child-sized pieces of furniture are not only accessible, but they also allow children to participate in household chores and activities involving self-hygiene independently.

As the cornerstone of Montessori Philosophy, Montessori promotes your child to independently perform chores and activities without adult intervention from a very young age.

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