Montessori Apps for Preschool

The world of Montessori is fascinating, unconventional, and highly effective in facilitating holistic development for children. 

Although a simple pedagogical tool, The Montessori Method of education can be quite perplexing for parents to effectively introduce into the child’s home environment. 

Dr. Maria Montessori systematically developed a pedagogical tool that took the needs as well as requirements of the Absorbent Mind into account.

One must equip themselves with appropriate information before incorporating the Montessori method into their home environment. 

This is where Montessori Books and Montessori-Related Applications often come to your aid when implementing or establishing Montessori Principles at home. 

From Montessori Materials, Montessori Activities, and Prepared environment to eccentric topics such as Human tendencies, the four Planes of Development, or Cosmic Education, there are a plethora of resources that give you an insight into the world of Montessori. 

Application on iPads or iPhones is something Dr. Maria Montessori didn’t take into consideration while developing this educational tool. 

Unlike the ever-so-minimalist Montessori Philosophy, the contemporary world is heavily dependent on technology.

When combining the Montessori Method of education and modern technology one can provide children with appropriate stimuli to promote optimum development. 

Here is a list of some exciting, engaging, and entertaining Montessori Apps for preschoolers.

What are Montessori Apps?

Like most Online Montessori Programs, Application on mobile phones and iPads is not a foreign subject for most individuals in the contemporary world. 

Montessori applications are a proficient way of establishing and incorporating Montessori values into one’s home.

Unlike common applications designed for children that often provide them with unnecessary stimuli, Montessori Applications are a fun way of promoting education. 

These applications are a great substitute for ineffective and seldom beneficial applications targeted toward children. 

Montessori Apps often integrate effective Montessori activities that allow children to develop a firm foundation of fundamentals of the curriculum such as math, cultural studies, and language that incorporates reading, as well as writing.

A list of Montessori Apps for Preschool:

There are a plethora of Montessori Applications available for IOS and Android users on their app stores to effectively establish the Montessori Curriculum at home. 

These Applications promote children to use technology to improve themselves and develop holistically. 

Montessori Apps are a fun and effective way of promoting education, developing concentration, enhancing the child’s comprehension and memory, as well as helping children expand their vocabulary.  

By age 3, children begin to expand their horizons and develop a conscience. During this phase, children become aware of their surroundings and themselves.

Montessori Apps for Preschool students provide them with appropriate stimuli that allow them to expand their horizons even when they are playing. 

Here is a list of some amazing Montessori Apps for preschoolers which introduce basic curriculum in a fun and engaging way:

1. Montessori Preschool:

The Montessori Preschool app by Ediko Academy is a “comprehensive app bundle” for your tiny toddler. 

This amazing Montessori App is perfect for initiating Montessori education for your preschooler.

This application is available on both IOS and Android and can be used on iPhones, Android phones as well as iPads. 

This application is a complete package that covers basic Montessori curriculum concepts such as Practical Life education, math, Language, Music, Phonics, Shapes, Coloring, and many more. 

2. Montessori Activities:

The function of this Montessori Application for your preschooler is self-explanatory. This Montessori App incorporates Montessori activities in a digital format that excites and intrigues the child. 

 This application is available on both IOS and Android and can be used on iPhones, Android phones as well as iPads. 

The Montessori Activities app covers all topics required for the development of children between the ages of 3 to 7 years. 

canlp of this application, children are able to develop their reasoning skills, comprehensive skills, creative imagination, and critical reasoning. 

The Montessori Activities app is amazing for our preschooler’s development process and best of all, it is free of cost to download. 

3. The Ludi App:

Meant for children between the ages of 3 to 6 years of age, the Ludi App allows children to explore new horizons. 

The Ludi Apps allow children to effectively develop categorization skills and enrich their vocabulary. 

The app introduces children to a wide range of objects that are present in their surrounding environments and encourages them to categorize the said objects. 

The minimalist design of this app provides children with a calm and tranquil experience that doesn’t overstimulate them. 

Although aesthetically pleasing this app is only available on IOS and can be operated on iPhones or iPads.

A list of Best Montessori Math Apps for Preschoolers:

Mathematics can be a difficult subject to master, especially when the fundamentals of mathematics are not strong. 

The Montessori Method of education allows children to comprehend complex and abstract mathematics concepts with the help of Montessori math materials and activities

In terms of Montessori Math Apps, these applications allow children to comprehend mathematical concepts by isolating each topic. 

Here is a list of Montessori Math Apps for preschoolers that will help them build a firm foundation:

1. Montessori Numbers- Math activities for kids:

This Montessori App allows children to conceptualize and comprehend the number system. 

The Montessori Numbers app is meant for children between the ages of 3 to 7 years and provides children with visually stimulating activities based on the Montessori Methodology. 

This Montessori Math application provides children with the right tools to easily conceptualize the number sequence. 

 This Montessori Math application is only available on IOS and can be operated on iPhones or iPads

2. Montessori Math- Add & Subtract Large Numbers:

This wonderful Montessori App introduces your tiny toddler to mathematical operations by utilizing different Montessori strategies. 

This Montessori Math application promotes children to work on Montessori Math activities and efficiently comprehend abstract mathematical operations. 

This Montessori App is suitable for both IOS and Android and can be used on iPhones, Android phones as well as iPads.

3. Stamp Game:

The Edshelf Montessori Stamp game app is a great option for people who own IOS products such as an iPad or an iPhone. 

Based on the quintessential Montessori Math material, the Montessori Stamp Game, this Montessori Math application virtually simulates activities involving the Montessori material. 

This app is perfect for preschoolers to effectively teach them mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multi-digit arithmetics as well as place values.

A list of Montessori Language and Reading Apps:

The Montessori Language curriculum is designed to help children understand the intricacies of verbal as well as written languages. 

Language in Montessori is facilitated by tangible, interactive, and engaging apparatus that help children comprehend as well as explore complex concepts of language. 

One distinct feature of the Montessori Language Materials is that the child is encouraged to first develop writing skills and then develop their reading skills.

Montessori Language apps allow children to isolate concepts such as phonics or phonics to efficiently develop their reading and writing skills. 

Here is a list of Montessori Language and Reading Apps that will help your preschooler learn about phonetic components:

1. Montessori Word and Phonics:

This Montessori Language application allows your children to learn how to read and write in a bite-sized format. 

Like Montessori Materials and Montessori Activities, the Montessori Word and

Phonics application integrates 3 levels that follow the CVC pattern. 

Children with the help of this app are able to learn complex words, long vowel sounds, and blended words. 

This Montessori language application is meant for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years.

 This application is available on both IOS and Android and can be used on iPhones, Android phones as well as iPads. 

Learn more about Montessori Phonics:

2. Letters- Montessori Alphabets:

Allow your tiny toddler to produce and construct their own words with the help of this wonderful Montessori Language Application. 

Letters- Montessori Alphabets, like the Montessori Material allows children to indulge in freestyle word construction. 

The application encourages children to drag and drop virtually simulated Montessori Moveable Alphabets into rows to create their own words. 

This Montessori Application for preschool students also provides children with phonograms and capital alphabet games. 

3. Alpha Writer- Montessorium:

This Montessori-Based educational application allows children to learn about phonetic sounds, syllables, as well as word-formation. 

This application uses simple pictures of objects with large font texts for children to associate, identify, and recognize new words. 

This Montessori Application also uses voice notes that help children comprehend and understand the proper pronunciation of words. 

A product of Montessorium, this app is only available on IOS and can be operated on iPhones or iPads.

So, are Montessori Apps meant for your preschooler?

The contemporary world is surrounded by technology, apps, websites, and the internet, as a child, it is almost impossible to avoid unnecessary stimuli.

While common gaming applications are seldom beneficial and highly distracting, the Montessori Preschool Applications are a fun way to spruce up your child’s playtime.

Montessori Preschool Apps are a fun way of promoting concentration and developing the child’s attention span, as well as memory.

These apps also contribute to enhancing their vocabulary, comprehension skills, and problem-solving skills in an engaging way.

Lastly, Montessori Preschool Apps do not limit your child’s development and education process, as they encompass a myriad of Montessori subjects such as Language, Math, Art, Music, and many more.

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