Montessori Nomenclature Cards

To people who are not fully acquainted with Dr. Maria Montessori’s Philosophy or The Montessori Curriculum terms such as cosmic education, sensitive periods, or absorbent mind may sound peculiar.

The Montessori Method of education is a unique and eccentric world of education where children are able to thrive at their own pace.

This century-old pedagogical tool integrates several unconventional concepts and aspects that enhance the child’s learning experience to help them become well-rounded individuals.

While traditional educational institutions confine your child’s learning experience to a desk and chair, the Montessori Method of education allows your child to interact with meticulously designed materials in their surrounding environment.

If you have been researching the Montessori Method on search engines you might have come across a wonderful Montessori Material called the Montessori Nomenclature cards.

The Montessori Nomenclature cards are integrated into the Montessori Curriculum and often help children develop appropriate vocabulary.

It is a requisite for parents and educators to equip themselves with appropriate information regarding any Montessori Material before initiating Montessori activities.

Here is everything one should know about Montessori Nomenclature cards to efficiently facilitate activities involving the material.

What are Montessori Nomenclature Cards?

The Montessori Method of education is more than just a pedagogical philosophy, it is an educational tool that allows your child to build a firm foundation of complex topics from a very young age.

Montessori Nomenclature cards are one such Montessori Material that allows your child to inherit intimate details of topics in a bite-sized form.

Montessori Nomenclature cards are also referred to as Montessori 3 Part cards that carry images along with their corresponding names.

The first set of Montessori Nomenclature cards bears images and their designated names on the same card. This set of cards is also referred to as the “control set”.

The second set of Montessori Nomenclature cards incorporates the picture card and their corresponding labels on separate cards. This set of cards is referred to as the “working set”.

Montessori Nomenclature cards or Montessori 3-part cards are highly versatile and are integrated into every Montessori curriculum subject.

What is the Purpose of Montessori Nomenclature Cards?

Montessori Nomenclature Cards are unique Montessori Materials that provide children with a visual representation of a wide range of topics.

These cards are extremely versatile and are integrated into almost all Montessori Subjects.

The term nomenclature essentially means assigning names in Latin, hence Montessori Nomenclature Cards or Montessori 3-Part Cards are a great introduction to new and abstract concepts.

The Chief purpose of Montessori Nomenclature cards is to help children associate appropriate vocabulary with their respective images.

These nomenclature cards provide children with insightful vocabulary for all the subject topics in Montessori.

What are some common Montessori Nomenclature Card Lessons?

Montessori Nomenclature cards or 3-Part Cars are incorporated in every Montessori Curriculum subject to provide the child with appropriate vocabulary for the forthcoming topics.

Here is a list of common nomenclature cards that facilitate lessons in Montessori:

  • Montessori Geography Nomenclature cards representing States
  • Montessori Geography Nomenclature cards representing Countries of the World
  • Montessori Biology Nomenclature Cards representing the Life Cycle of an Egg
  • Montessori Botany Nomenclature Cards representing the Life cycle of a Tree
  • Montessori Biology Nomenclature Cards representing parts of fruits
  • Montessori Biology Nomenclature Cards representing Animal Kingdom

How to make DIY Montessori Nomenclature Cards?

While you can find already prepared Montessori Nomenclature Cards is easy, creating our own Montessori Nomenclature Cards gives the learning experience a more personalized touch.

There are three ways you can achieve the desired result while creating your own Montessori Nomenclature cards.

Here are some steps to follow to create your own DIY Montessori Nomenclature Cards:

  1. Online Template:
    • You can use templates available on the internet to create your own Montessori nomenclature cards.
    • Printable Montessori Nomenclature Templates from the internet and stick the images on a piece of cardboard.
  2. Microsoft Powerpoint:
    • You can use Microsoft Powerpoint to add a personalized touch to your nomenclature cards.
    • Align one column with four rows in order to create one nomenclature card
    • Merge the four rows together to create the desired image and attach a corresponding label to the image.
    • It is important to resize the Montessori nomenclature card to effortlessly fit on the print paper.
  3. Microsoft Word:
    • Select an image of your choice from the internet to depict a concept
    • In the Microsoft word document resize the image according to your liking
    • Under the images add the corresponding labels (it is recommended to use a font that is readable and distinguishable)
    • Print out the images once properly labeled
    • Carefully cut out the images and paste the images on a piece of cardboard to increase the materials’ longevity.

How to Present Montessori nomenclature Cards?

It is important to note that the child should only be introduced to the topics of Nomenclature Cards that have been already taught in the class.

Introducing already-featured concepts helps children rapidly comprehend the topic as well as quickly associate vocabulary with the images.

Here is how one should introduce Montessori Nomenclature Cards:

  • The adult will place the control set on the left side of the table
  • The adult will then place the deck of Montessori Nomenclature Cards in front of the child
  • The adult will pick out the topmost nomenclature card from the deck and announce the name of the label
  • The adult will then associate the name of the label card with the corresponding image
  • The adult will then place the label card next to the corresponding control card
  • The adult will point towards the matched pair of label cards and announce its name
  • The adult will repeat the process with the remaining cards
  • Once the child begins to show interest the adult will allow the child to independently work with the cards.
  • Upon all the cards being successfully matched with their corresponding images, the adult will place the set in front of the child.
  • The adult will then pick out a label card at random and place it in front of the child and ask the child to match the corresponding image to the label.
  • The adult will again announce the name of the card and ask the child to repeat the name of the card.
  • Lastly, the adult will ask the independent child to pick any card at random and voluntarily associate the label of the card with its corresponding image.
  • Once the activity is successfully completed the adult will ask the child to place the material back on its designated Montessori shelf.

Should you incorporate Montessori Nomenclature Cards?

One of the cornerstones of Montessori Education is highly effective manipulatives called Montessori Materials.

Montessori Nomenclature is amongst the most common Montessori Materials that cover a diverse range of Montessori Subjects.

Montessori Nomenclatures is fun and exciting Montessori Material that allows children to gain knowledge of concepts as well as develop their vocabulary in a bite-sized form.

Montessori Nomenclature cards also promote children to grasp concepts with the help of picture cards fashioning images of words and label cards fashioning written language.

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