Montessori Brown Stairs (Broad Stairs)

As a parent, you are always concerned with whether your child is succeeding, progressing, or developing during their educational work cycles.

While books and common curricula aid in the achievement of higher academic attainments, constraining your child to just traditional mediums of education can often limit your child’s holistic success.

The Montessori Method of education is a unique pedagogical tool that allows your child to become confident, self-reliant, and independent through self-directed play.

Dr. Maria Montessori understood the importance of sensorial training and the enhancement of the senses in children and hence provided children with a diverse range of Sensorial Materials and Sensorial Activities for optimum development.

Montessori Materials are concrete and tangible apparatus that help children indulge in auto-didactic education.

One such Montessori Material is Montessori Brown Stairs, often integrated into the Montessori Sensorial Materials.

Montessori Brown Stairs are a unique Montessori Material that helps children distinguish between varied dimensions and sizes.

Montessori Brown Stairs also known as Montessori Broad Stairs

While Montessori Brown Stairs appear to be simple Montessori Materials used for sensorial stimulation, one should have intimate knowledge of this unique material to effectively introduce this material to the child.

Here is everything you should know about Montessori Brown Stairs to efficiently introduce the material to your child.

What are Montessori Brown Stairs?

Montessori Brown Stairs also known as Montessori Broad Stairs are a set of 10 wooden blocks that are often of varying lengths, sizes, and dimensions.

Montessori Brown Stairs are introduced to children during their primary stages as sensorial Materials for visual stimulation.

Brown Stairs are wooden blocks that have square prisms that graduate in dimensions, beginning from 1cm to 20 cm in breadth.

This exciting Montessori material has blocks that increase in terms of height and width.

Montessori Brown Stairs are a great way of developing the child’s perception of varied dimensions.

What is the Purpose of Montessori Brown Stair?

The Sensorial Curriculum in the Montessori Method of education promotes children to development and learning through sensorial stimulation.

Montessori Brown Stairs are incorporated in the Montessori Sensorial Materials that isolate the visual sense in children.

The chief purpose of the Montessori Brown Stairs is to provide children with a visual representation of varying lengths and widths.

With the help of Montessori Brown Stairs, children are easily able to comprehend and distinguish between varying lengths and depths.

Another aim of this wonderful material is to help children develop strong hand and eye coordination, enhance their gross motor skills, as well as prompt muscular strength.

When introduced to Montessori Brown Stairs, children are able to distinguish between the dimensions such as narrow and wide.

What are the benefits of Montessori Brown Stairs?

Montessori Brown Stairs are linear wooden blocks that have almost the same purpose as the Montessori Pink Tower.

With the help of Montessori Brown Stairs children can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Control of Error
  • Self-correction
  • Has a three-finger pincer grip
  • Visual Discrimination of three-dimensional figures ad sizes
  • Develops the child’s Spatial Awareness
  • Development of Fine motor skills
  • Development of Gross motor skills
  • Development of Muscular coordination
  • Helps children distinguish between linear dimensions.
  • Prepares children for future mathematical concepts like geometry, volumes, distance, cube roots, and spatial volume
  • Understanding the squares of numbers ranging from 1 to 10
  • Build the child’s Vocabulary

How to Introduce the Montessori Brown Stairs?

When introducing Montessori Brown Stairs to the child one should always take the aims of the activities into deep consideration.

Aims of Montessori Brown Stairs:

Here is a list of aims one should pay attention to effectively facilitate activities involving Montessori Brown Stairs:

  • Montessori Brown Stairs must help children discriminate between linear dimensions.
  • Introduction to the mathematical concepts of length and width.
  • Development of hand-eye coordination and muscle memory.

Vocabulary to use:

Once the aims and the objectives of the Activities or exercises regarding Montessori Brown Stairs have been identified, it is best to understand the appropriate vocabulary that is to be used when introducing the activity.

Here is a list of appropriate vocabulary that is to be used when initiating any Montessori activity involving Montessori Brown Stairs:

  • Thick, Thicker Thickest
  • Narrow, Narrower Narrowest
  • Broad, Broader, Broadest

Points to Pay attention to when introducing the activity:

Here are some additional points to pay attention to when introducing exercises involving Montessori Activities:

  • The weight of the Largest Wooden Brown Stair
  • Sequence and order of the squared prisms
  • The length of every Montessori Brown Stair remains the same while the weight, as well as the breadth of the blocks, varies.

Montessori Brown Stairs Presentation:

  • The adult will instruct the child to one by one bring the Montessori Brown Stairs Material to the Sensorial workstation starting from the thinnest and lightest block
  • The adult will then instruct the child to arrange each block on the workstation in a random pattern
  • The adult will then introduce the name of the activity to the child
  • Beginning from the thinnest block in width, the adult will start to compare the blocks with the remaining block and then begin to build the Montessori Brown stairs.
  • Upon successfully building the stairs, the adult will then begin to identify different angles that run through the material.
  • The adult will then deconstruct the Brown Stairs and direct the child to construct the stairs as illustrated.
  • Once the child is able to successfully build the stairs the adult will ask the child to take apart the stairs and take the blocks back to the shelves in the same order they brought them.

Should you incorporate Montessori Brown Stairs into your child’s curriculum?

Montessori Brown Stairs are a fun and exciting Montessori Sensorial Material that isolates and stimulates the child’s visual sense.

Not only does this wonderful Montessori Material enhances the child’s visual sense but it also develops the child’s ability to distinguish between varying sizes and dimensions.

Montessori Brown stairs incorporated 10 wooden blocks that are of the same length but also vary in terms of both length and depth.

This versatile Montessori Material also promotes the development of fine motor skills, and hand-eye coordination, as well as allows them to compare between wide and narrow.

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