Knobless Cylinders

Montessori materials are incredibly beautiful in their simple design. It’s easy to see why children are drawn to them. Kids and their friend are more interested in the classroom than the hundreds of toys in the room. It amazes me to see a child’s natural desire to learn and I enjoy sharing our Montessori works with anyone who is interested. I demonstrated how to use the knobless cylinders and he was mesmerized by the work.

My strong belief of the Montessori Method is reaffirmed as I watch a child find this type of work difficult. Some parents believe the control of movement and coordination is inborn in a child. I disagree. I have seen with my own eyes the benefit of the sensorial Montessori works. It gives children confidence in their movement and develops skills that will help them excel in life.

The knobless cylinders teach the concept of size and scale. The cylinders match the size and shape of the knobbed cylinders and can fit in the knobbed cylinder blocks as an extension. To read my post about knobbed cylinders go here.

The red cylinders are the easiest to master so they are typically offered first. The blue ones are the most difficult so they are offered last. You can step them from largest to smallest to make what JR calls a stair. We follow the same direction as writing, left to right, which helps the child later when writing.