Thermic Sense in Montessori

The Montessori Method of education can be described as an eccentric yet highly effective pedagogical tool by most individuals. 

Sensory development and sensory training are some of the cornerstones of Montessori Philosophy. 

Sensory development according to the Montessori principles is not limited to the basic five senses but extended to the stimulation of 9 key senses.

The Montessori Method of education promotes stimulation of visual, auditory, gustatory, olfactory, tactile, kinaesthetic, vestibular, and proprioception.

The Montessori Method of education incorporates a diverse range of Montessori Sensorial Materials and Montessori Sensorial Activities in the curriculum that facilitate the stimulation of the 9 senses in children.

Like any other five senses, the Montessori Method promotes the development of the Stereogenic sense or the chromatic sense. 

One such unconventional sense in the Montessori Method is the Thermic Sense which helps individuals distinguish between different temperatures. 

There are a wide variety of materials and activities that promote the enhancement and stimulation of the thermic sense.

If you are a parent, educator, or an immediate caregiver who wants to incorporate materials that promote the enhancement of thermic sense, look no further. 

Here is everything you should know about the thermic sense in Montessori to help you facilitate Montessori sensorial activities.

What is Thermic Sense?

The Thermic Sense or synonymously known as Thermoanthesia referred to the ability to distinguish between different temperatures. 

The difference between the temperature is recognized or identified by coming in contact with objects. 

In simpler terms, the Thermic Sense allows individuals to distinguish between varying temperatures by touching the objects as well as determine the intensity of the temperature.

What is Thermic Sense in Montessori?

The Montessori Method of education takes the development of the tactile sense further by enhancing the thermic sense. 

Thermic Sense in Montessori is developed and enhanced in children by incorporating specially designed Montessori materials and Montessori Activities

Montessori Sensorial Activities and Sensorial Materials promote children to tangibly differentiate between varying temperatures ranging from hot to cold. 

The development of the thermic sense in Montessori is facilitated by two specifically designed Montessori Materials i.e., the Montessori Thermic Bottles and Montessori Thermic Tablets.

What are Montessori Thermic Bottles?

The Montessori thermic bottles are unique Montessori Sensorial Materials that isolate and enhance the child’s tactile and thermic senses. These bottles are cylindrical in shape and are filled with water at varying temperatures.

The Montessori Thermic Bottles usually come in a wooden box containing 4 pairs of metal containers with each container filled with different temperatures of water.

What is the Purpose of Montessori Thermic Bottles?

The Montessori Thermic Bottles are a unique Montessori Sensorial Material that enhances the child’s thermic sense. 

Thermic bottles in the Montessori method of education develop and refine the haptic sense of the child. 

Thermic Bottles also help the child develop a sense of touch, improve the child’s memory, and help them recognize different temperatures.

Another indirect aim of thermic bottles is to develop the child’s fine motor skills.

How to Introduce Montessori Thermic Bottles to the child?

  • The adult will invite the child to participate in the Montessori thermic Bottle Activity 
  • The adult will place the first set of bottles and arrange them in a line. 
  • The adult will then instruct the child to feel the bottles by wrapping their palms around the bottles. 
  • The adult will then arrange the second set of Montessori thermic bottles in a line parallel to the first set. 
  • The adult will instruct the child to match the two bottles from the parallel lines by feeling them in the palm of their hand. 
  • Once the child is done, the child is required to arrange the bottles in a line from hottest to coldest.

What are Montessori Thermic Tablets?

Just like the Montessori thermic bottles, the Montessori Thermic Tablets provide children with appropriate sensorial stimuli to develop their thermic senses.

The Montessori Thermic tablets come in a box with 6 pairs of tables that are made with different natural materials like:

  • Glass 
  • Cork 
  • Steel 
  • Wood 
  • Felt 
  • Slate

These materials insulate different ranges of temperatures based on their texture with cork feeling the warmest and slate the coldest.

What is the Purpose of Montessori Thermic Tablets?

The Montessori Thermic Tablets are sensorial materials that refine and isolate the child’s sense of temperature or the thermic sense.

The child will be able to discriminate between different temperatures, thermic qualities, and textures with the help of thermic tablets.

Points of interest in the Material:

  • Control of error
  • Variety of textures
  • The appearance of the textures
  • The temperatures of the tablets

What are the Materials required for Montessori Thermic Tablet Activities?

To perform the activity you will need the Montessori thermic tablets that conduct different temperatures and a blindfold to help the child distinguish between temperatures based on their thermic sense.

How to introduce the Montessori Thermic Tablets?

It is important to make sure that the child washes their hands prior to initiating the activities involving thermic tablets. 

  • The adult will invite the child to participate in the Montessori Thermic Tablet activity
  • The adult will take out the tablets one by one and organize the tablets in a horizontal line.
  • The adult will make the child feel the temperature of each tablet blindfolded. 
  • The adult will re-assemble the tablets and ask the child to match the tablets. 
  • Continue the activity till the child has successfully matched all the tablets.

Is it important to develop Thermic Sense in children?

The Thermic Sense also referred to as Thermoanthesia referred to the ability to distinguish between different temperatures. 

Thermic sense is Montessori is developed in children by using innovative Montessori sensorial materials such as the Montessori Thermic Bottles and Montessori Thermic Activities.

Thermic sense is a form of tactile sense that allows children to differentiate between varying temperatures and textures.

It is important to develop the thermic sense in children to allow them to develop an understanding of temperatures and enhance their fine motor skills.

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