Montessori toys for 5 year old

The Montessori toys benefit children of all ages and have become a favorite in schools and homes. Parents want to apply Montessori principles in the learning process of children. These toys not only entertain the children but develop their physical, cognitive, sensory, and art and craft skills. They foster independence, boost confidence and encourage creativity which are the philosophies of Montessori education.

Every child is different and so are their interests. It is essential to choose age-appropriate and captivating toys for your children to make them engaged for a prolonged period.

What are five-year-old characteristics?

When children are five years old, they have different kinds of interests and exhibit behavior as below-

  • Five-year-olds are ready to interact with their peers and participate in group activities.
  • They can understand instructions and follow the rules in the classroom and social environments.
  • They can express themselves, and their likes and dislikes are evident.
  • They love to self-express themselves through art and crafts, music, and other activities.
  •  They are good storytellers and enjoy articulating. Encouraging them to express themselves and listening to them helps boost their confidence and self-esteem.

Helping five-year-olds develop these abilities by introducing them to activities that encourage and excite them will be helpful to them. Montessori toys are appropriate for them as they can tap all their potential.

Do you want to introduce Montessori toys to your five-year-old?

Here are some options that your child will enjoy.

Melissa & Doug Cut, Sculpt, and Roll Clay Play Set

It comes with eight tools and a colorful set of modeling dough. Children can enjoy playing with playdough and slime with the tools for hours.

Benefits – This kit helps in color, pattern, and texture recognition. It also encourages imaginative play and creativity in the children.

You can buy it here – Melissa & Doug Cut, Sculpt, and Roll Modeling Dough Kit.

Brain Flakes

It Includes over 500 interlocking discs with plastic storage. Five years olds can create

different things with this set of plastic discs. They can also follow the idea booklet with instructions to build a Brain Flakes ball. They are child safe.

Benefits – It helps develop spatial intelligence and thinking. They can be great solo or collaborative group activities for classrooms, Montessori, daycares, or home. With limitless designs possible, children stay engaged for hours of creativity.

You can check it out here – Brain Flakes.

Marble Run

The children can use the blocks to build endless marble building designs. They can follow the brochure to get ideas or design buildings with their imagination and creativity.

Benefits – They spark creativity and develop self-confidence. They help in improving hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills. Building sturdier marble runs, children gain self-confidence and learn STEM through play.

You can buy Marble Run from Amazon.

My First Lab Duo Scope Microscope

This microscope for kids consists of glass optics like a laboratory microscope. Two light sources allow viewing microscope slides and three-dimensional objects. This kit includes a user manual, an experiment guide for helpful tips, and many accessories for young learners.

Benefits – This Microscope is an award-winning Kids’ Microscope ideal for STEM learning. It is ideal for the classroom as well as at-home learning. Kids will enjoy this kit with hours of exploratory fun.

You can check it here – My First Lab Duo Scope Microscope.

Easy Weaver Kids Weaving Loom

It is a popular choice for parents, and children can enjoy weaving different designs like scarves, table runners, and doll blankets.

The Easy Weaver set comes pre-threaded with yarn and accessories like a wooden loom, shuttles, a design booklet, and an instruction booklet.

Benefits – Children learn this timeless craft of weaving and making textiles. It develops their logical reasoning and fine motor skills.

Curious Chef Cooking Set

This set includes all tools needed in the kitchen like a vegetable peeler, spoons, plastic knives, measuring cup set, and many more. They are child-safe.

Benefits – Children can enjoy learning practical skills like cooking and can help in the kitchen.

You can buy it here – Curious Chef Cooking Set.

Super Magnet Lab Kit

Kids will love doing hands-on experiments with large-sized magnets. They also learn many new concepts using magnets.

Benefits – This magnet set supports STEM learning and develops critical thinking and problem-solving skills. The smaller magnets help develop fine motor skills.

You can check it out here – Super Magnet Lab Kit.

Discover the World Puzzle + Play Set

It is a set of 100 pieces of the puzzle that form the map of the world. It comes with 21 stand-up animal figures to fit in around the world. They are organized based on continents, and the set has a booklet listing over 120 animals to find on the puzzle map.

Benefits – This set is perfect for your five-year-olds to engage in imaginative play and geographic exploration.

You can buy the set here – Discover the World Puzzle + Play Set.

  • Scooter Boards

These are strong plastic boards that can bear weight up to 175 lbs and are durable. They glide smoothly and have easy-grip handles. Kids can enjoy gliding using it.

Benefits – These boards help develop gross motor skills, and keep children engaged in fun activities physically.

You can buy them here – Scooter Boards.

True-to-Life Human X-Rays

Most five-year-olds are interested in the human body. With these life-size x-rays, the children can feel the bones beneath their skin. Children can understand what the bones look like and recognize which body parts belong to which bones.

They learn to assemble a skeleton with these.

Benefits – These x-rays create many counting and comparison opportunities for older children. Many activities suggestions are also part of this.

You can buy it here – True-to-Life Human X-Rays. Children will love these Montessori toys and make the most out of them. While choosing the Montessori toys for your five-year-old, always remember to keep their interests in mind that help them enjoy the activities while learning.