Montessori Subtraction Stripboard

Mathematics can be a tricky subject to master for any individual, especially when they do not have a firm foundation of fundamental mathematical concepts.

In oblivion, during the initial stages of development, the child has to tackle mathematical concepts like age, quantity, or numerics. 

The fundamental laws and concepts of mathematics govern the environment that surrounds us. 

Without a thorough understanding of these fundamental concepts, one might face inevitable adversities in life.

Traditional educational institutions seldom take the requirements of the Absorbent Mind during the early stages of development into account.

The Montessori Method of education is a unique pedagogy that provides children with all the requisite tools to develop an intimate understanding of math.

The education of mathematical concepts in the Montessori Prepared Environment is facilitated by concrete and tangible Montessori materials

One such Montessori Math Material is Montessori Strip Board which promotes children to comprehend basic arithmetic operations. 

Montessori Addition and Subtraction Strip Boards are a unique Montessori Mathematics Material that encourages children to build a firm foundation of complex mathematical operations. 

If you are a parent, an educator, or an immediate caregiver who wants to incorporate the Montessori Subtraction Strip Board into your child’s curriculum, look no further. 

Here is everything you should know about Montessori Subtraction Strip Boards to efficiently Facilitate Montessori Math Activities.

What is a Montessori Strip Board Exactly?

In the Montessori Curriculum, Mathematics is always taught with the help of concrete Materials and interactive Math activities. 

The Montessori Strip Boards are a unique Montessori Math Material that promotes children to comprehend complex arithmetic operations. 

These Montessori addition and subtraction strip boards incorporate a table that fashions numbers ranging from 18 across the board and 11 down the board. 

The child is encouraged to manipulate colored-coded blue and red strips to perform simple mathematical operations like adding or subtracting the provided numbers. 

Each strip incorporated in the stripboard carries a specific value that when placed together, can line up to be equivalent to the number provided on the board.

What does the Montessori Subtraction Strip Board incorporate?

The Montessori Subtraction Strip Board is a unique Montessori Math Material that allows children to comprehend abstract mathematical operations. 

This fun and engaging Montessori Material incorporates a subtraction strip board with numbers 1 to 18 written on the top with 1 to 9 blue squares and 9 to 18 red squares. 

This material also incorporates two sets of red and blue wooden strips with numbers 1 to 18 imprinted on them.

The lengths of the strips vary from 1 to 9 with strips fashioning 1 being the shortest and strip fashioning 9 being the longest. 

The Montessori Strip Board Material also incorporates different lengthed plain wooden strips. 

Some Montessori Subtraction Strip Board Set also integrates 1, 2, and 3 sum cards, a whiteboard marker, as well as a cloth. 

How does the Montessori Subtraction Strip Board Work?

The Montessori Strip Board is a versatile Montessori Mathematics Material that promotes hands-on learning and allows children to practice addition and subtraction operations. 

Montessori Math Activities involving Montessori Strip Boards work by providing the child with a visual and tangible representation of abstract concepts. 

Children are promoted to maneuver red and blue strips across the strip board to visualize their operations and memorize mathematical operations. 

Like any other Montessori Material, the Montessori Addition and Subtraction Strip Board incorporates a built-in Control of Error.

Control of Error helps children recognize, identify, rectify, self-correct, and learn from their mistakes without adult assistance.

In the case of the Montessori Strip Board, children are able to identify their mistakes with the help of the Montessori Strip Board Chart 1.

What are the prerequisites required for Montessori Strip Board?

Prior to working with the Montessori Strip Board, the child should be acquainted with Montessori Golden Beads and Montessori Stamp Games

The child should also have an understanding of numerals and numerations till 20 as a prerequisite to performing activities involving Montessori Strip Board. 

The child should also be fully acquainted with concrete Math Materials before performing Montessori Abstraction activities involving Montessori Strip Board.

When is the Montessori Subtraction Strip Board Introduced?

Montessori Subtraction Strip Board Activities are a fun and engaging way of promoting children to comprehend and memorize abstract concepts. 

This Montessori Math Material and Math Activity are often introduced to the child after they are fully acquainted with the Montessori concrete counting materials such as Montessori Golden Beads. 

The Montessori Subtraction Strip Board can be regarded as the pathway to abstraction and is ideally introduced to children during the primary level. 

Children between the ages of 5 to 6 years are great candidates for the introduction of the Montessori Subtraction Strip Board.

How to introduce the Montessori Subtraction Strip Board to the child:

Before learning about the systematic procedure of introducing the Montessori math activities involving the Montessori Subtraction Strip Board, it is important to what you will need:

Here is a list of materials you will require to effectively facilitate Montessori Subtraction Strip Board activities: 

  • Montessori Strip Board Material
  • Montessori Work Mat
  • A paper pad
  • A pencil

Montessori Subtraction Strip Board Presentation:

  • The adult will invite the child to participate in Montessori Subtraction Strip Board Activity
  • The adult will then instruct the child to place the Montessori Subtraction Strip Board Material on the Montessori Work Mat
  • It is important to note that prior to the very first page should have one subtraction for example 18-9=?
  • The adult will demonstrate how to use the Montessori Strip Board by placing the 1 to 9 Montessori Strips and covering up the numbers on the Strip Board starting from the end. 
  • The Last visible number on the Strip Board is going to be the answer.
  • The next page should incorporate two subtraction problems for example 17-9=? and 17-8=? 
  • The adult will now place the shortest plain wooden strip on number 18 and place the number 9 Montessori Strip starting from the end.  
  • The Last visible number on the Strip Board is going to be the answer.
  • For 17-8, the adult will take the shortest plain wooden and place it number 9. The adult will then take the number 8 strip starting from the end.
  • The Last visible number on the Strip Board is going to be the answer.
  • Repeat the procedure for other subtraction problems and record the answers on the pages. 

Some tips to remember when introducing Montessori Subtraction Stripboard:

Although simple in terms of instructions to use, there are some important factors parents must take into account when introducing Montessori Subtraction Stripboard to their child.

It is important to remember that when introducing the material you are an observer, a guide, and a facilitator, hence you must provide the child with clear instructions.

The control chart and sum cards should always be used as references when the child has completed the activity and solved equations.

It is the adult’s responsibility to teach as well as demonstrate to the child how to efficiently refer to the control cards and sum cards to check their answers.

Lastly, after completing the activity the adult must instruct the child to organize the material in a color-coded order and place the material back in its designated place.

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