Montessori Kitchen Tools

While most educational institutions limit the child’s educational experiences to just books, desks, chairs, and basic curricula, The Montessori Method of education allows children to venture out of their comfort zone and explore their surroundings. 

It can be very difficult to promote your child to perform mundane household chores, but the task at hand isn’t impossible.

The Practical Life curriculum, Activities, and Materials are the cornerstone of Montessori Philosophy that encourages children to learn about real-life experiences.  

Montessori Practical Life Activities and Materials facilitate the development of natural interest in real-life activities and enhance their social development. 

Montessori Kitchens are an integral aspect of the Montessori Practical life workstation. Montessori Kitchens encourage children to indulge in real kitchen activities and allow them to develop respect for their surrounding environment. 

But a kitchen is just not a kitchen without efficient tools and equipment. A Montessori Kitchen incorporates several reality-based tools and equipment to enhance the educational experience of the child. 

If you are a parent who is searching for Montessori-based child-friendly kitchen tools, look no further! 

Here is everything you should know about the Montessori Kitchen tool to provide your child with the best learning experience.

Why Should You Use Montessori Kitchen Tools?

The Montessori Method of education promotes children to participate in practical life activities that help with the development of their social, emotional, cognitive, as well as physical attainments. 

While allowing your children to indulge in activities enhances their self-confidence including reality-based tools in the home environment is equally important. 

With help of Montessori Kitchen tools, children are able to comprehend the real-life operations that take place in a kitchen. 

Ideally, Montessori Kitchen Tools help eliminate the confusion that simulated kitchen play can cause and encourages children to indulge in Montessori Practical Activities safely.

What are the Characteristics of Montessori Kitchen Tools?

It is important to understand the characteristics of Montessori Kitchen tools to select appropriate equipment for your child to use. 

Here is a list of characteristics one should note when incorporating Montessori Kitchen Tools into their Home Environment:

  • Based on Reality:
    The Montessori Method of Education encourages your child to have real-life experiences when participating in Montessori Practical Life Activities. 
    Montessori Kitchen tools should always be based on reality to enhance the child’s imagination as well as promote them to comprehend the real-life functions of these tools. 
  • Child-Sized:
    Kitchen Tools for most toddlers are often off the limits to avoid any unintended incidents. 
    Montessori Kitchen tools should be small enough to fit your child’s tiny hands.
    Child-Sized Montessori Kitchen tools promote the child to efficiently manipulate and maneuver the tools.
  • Functionality:
    While Traditional Toy Kitchen tools have unrealistic and unusable, Montessori Kitchen tools are fully functioning kitchens that have realistic aspects to enhance the child’s experience.
    Ideally, Montessori Kitchen tools are functional but are completely child-friendly. 
  • Creative: 
    There are no rigid guidelines and limitations when it comes to Montessori Practical Life Activities.
    Montessori Kitchen Tools should be limitless that enhance your child’s creative imagination.
    The Montessori Kitchen Tools should represent the child’s culture and environment of the country.

What are the Basic Montessori Kitchen Tools?

It is important to note that every basic Montessori Kitchen Tool or equipment is child-sized and completely child-safe. 

Regardless of these Montessori Kitchen tools being child-safe, it is best to supervise activities like a hawk to avoid any potential accidents. 

1. Montessori Learning Tower:

Montessori Learning towers or Montessori Learning Stools are highly favored Montessori Furniture that is not only versatile but also comes in multiple variants to facilitate the toddler’s individual needs. 

These towers are essentially stepping stools that cater to the natural curiosity of a developing mind. 

The basic function of Montessori Learning Towers is to provide the child with a boost or elevation and make other materials in the environment accessible. 

Montessori Learning Towers are a great addition to your child’s Montessori Kitchen as it provides the child with the necessary elevation and allows the child to comfortably reach the kitchen counter. 

2. The Prerequisites:

Here is a list of prerequisite Montessori Kitchen tools that will facilitate Montessori Kitchen activities:

  • Aprons
  • Oven Mitts
  • Measuring cups
  • Chopping Boards
  • Measuring Spoons
  • Mixing Bowls

3. Cutting and Chopping:

Here is a list of Montessori Kitchen Tools that allow children to safely cut and chop vegetables and fruits:

  • Wooden Knives:
    Wooden Knives are amongst the safest options when it comes to cutting or chopping down fruits and vegetables. 
    These Knives are easy to firmly grip and are quite effective for cutting fruits or vegetables. 
  • Crinkle Cutter:
    Waves and crinkles always make food appear to be fun as well as exciting. 
    Crinkle cutters are a safer alternative to knives for toddlers who are under 3 years of age. 
  • Child-Friendly Knife Set:
    The Kinder Kitchen Knife Set is a great option for developing minds. This wonderful child-friendly Knife set is child-sized, has a no-slip grip, and is completely safe for the child to use.
  • Slicers:
    Apple slicers are a great option for children to remove apple cores from apples. 
    It is best to select an apple slicer that has a non-slip grip to avoid any unintended accidents. 

4. Mixing it up:

Here is a list of tools that facilitate mixing and whisking activities in the Montessori Kitchen:

  • Bowls
  • Whisks
  • Spatulas

5. For Fruits and Veggies:

You can use the following Montessori Kitchen tools for cleaning and peeling fruits and vegetables:

  • Peelers
  • Greater
  • Scrubbers
  • Grinder
  • Juicers

6. Baking:

Here is a list of Montessori Kitchen Tools your child will require for baking:

  • A cookie Scooper:
    A cookie scooper is perfect for baking miniature cookies that are definitely bite-sized. 
  • Rolling Pin:
    A common Sized Rolling pin can be a bit difficult for the child to maneuver and manipulate. 
    Hence it is best to invest in a smaller, more lightweight rolling pin, hat that incorporates larger handles for the child to grip on. 
  • Cookie Turner:
    Make sure the Cookie turner you purchase for your child has a non-slip grip to avoid any accidents. 

How do Montessori Kitchen Tools help your child?

Montessori Kitchen tools are child-sized and child-friendly kitchen tools that promote your child to perform daily kitchen tasks.

Montessori Kitchen tools like other play kitchen tools are fully functional and based on real-life tools that encourage your child to develop requisite skills to perform kitchen chores and partake in cooking activities.

Promoting your child to partake in kitchen activities with their very own kitchen tools fosters the values of independence, confidence, and self-reliance from a very young age.

Montessori Kitchen Tools not only make children independent, but they also encourage picky eaters to venture out and explore new foods!

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