Learning Tower

Key Takeaways:

  1. The Montessori Learning Towers are also known as Montessori Learning Stools, Montessori kitchen helpers, or Toddler Towers. 
  2. These Learning Towers give toddlers a boost to help them safely reach the counters to indulge in daily chores. 
  3. With the help of Montessori Learning Towers, the child can easily reach the counter and provided an elevated sense of self and sense of responsibility. 
  4. Montessori Learning Towers are versatile and can be used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and even in your dining area. 

Children during the early childhood stages can be quite dependent on their parents. It can become extremely difficult for parents to multitask when their toddlers demand to be picked up. 

Many parents have dealt with the exacerbating task of preparing meals while their toddler constantly clamors for attention. 

What if there is a tool that can come to the parent’s aid? Learning towers are an innovative tool that comes as an aid to the majority of parents. 

As an integral part of the Montessori Furniture, Learning towers create an interactive, exciting, and engaging environment for parents and their children alike.

This Montessori-inspired furniture piece helps connect the parents with their little counterparts and indulge in a collaborative activity. 

Here is everything one should know about Learning Towers before splurging on one. 

What are Learning Towers exactly? 

One of the chief principles of Montessori philosophy is the emphasis on practical life experiences. 

The incorporation of real-life experiences brings about a sense of order, sense of independence, sense of purpose, and a sense of balance to the child during the early childhood stages.

Montessori Learning towers or Montessori Learning Stools are a highly favored Montessori Learning Furniture that is not only versatile but also comes in multiple variants to facilitate the toddler’s individual needs. 

The tower essentially caters to the natural curiosity of a developing mind. Learning Towers are a great addition for parents and their little helpers to join forces and indulge in-home activities cooperatively. 

These Learning Towers not only promote physical development, and gross motor development, as well as fine motor development, but also inculcate a sense o responsibility in the child and help the child become a contributing aspect during the in-home activities.   

The Montessori Learning Towers are a safe and effective furniture piece that gives the little helpers a chance to bring out their inner personalities and potentialities. 

What is the Purpose of Learning Towers? 

The Montessori Learning Towers are synonymously known as Montessori Learning Stools, Montessori kitchen helpers, or Toddler Towers. 

The main purpose of this particular Montessori-inspired furniture piece for children that allows parents to provide the child with a secure space to effectively participate in daily chores or kitchen activities. 

The Montessori Learning Towers give toddlers a boost to help them safely reach the counters to indulge in daily chores. 

Along with the boost to help the child easily reach the counter, the Learning towers also provided an elevated sense of self and sense of responsibility. 

Learning towers help toddlers explore new possibilities and venture out of their comfort zone to create new memories and facilitate as active members in their home environment. 

What are the Benefits of Learning Towers?

The Montessori Learning Towers are an integral part of the Montessori Practical Life Curriculum. 

This learning furniture caters to the child’s natural curiosity and makes the child competent in engaging in real-life activities in a Montessori Prepared Environment

There are numerous benefits one might enjoy upon incorporating these Learning towers at home. 

Here is a list of benefits that come along with the Learning towers:

1. Safe and secure

For most parents, the safety of their children is invariably at the top of the priority list. The Learning Towers are a safe and secure alternative to a stepping stool that helps elevate the child to participate in activities. 

2. New possibilities

The possibilities with a Learning Tower are endless. The child will be able to engage in numerous activities. The children become an explorer of new horizons when their reach is not limited.

3. Serves as a high chair

For children who sometimes feel constrained on high chairs, The Learning towers can serve as a great alternative. 

Unlike the strap-in-high chairs, the Learning Towers provide the child with freedom of movement. 

4. Picky Problems

For the picky eaters who tend to say “no” to almost every dish severed, the Learning Towers can help fix the problem. 

The child will be able to actively participate in the cooking process which will prompt the child’s curiosity for trying different foods. 

5. Aids as a helping hand

Emotional Tantrums can become quite exacerbated when one is trying to complete the chores. 

In certain instances where the child stubbornly demands to be picked up, the Learning tower comes to aid. The Learning towers aid by making the child feel involved during the chores. 

6. Opportunity to bond

Lastly, the Learning towers can be a great tool to enhance or strengthen the precious bond between the parents and the child. 

The Learning Towers promotes parents and children to participate in at-home activities simultaneously. 

Where can one use the Learning Tower? 

A Learning Tower is not just limited to the kitchen counter. This versatile Montessori furniture piece can be used in the following places:

  1. The Kitchen:
    One of the main purposes of the A Learning Tower is to facilitate participation in the kitchen activities like washing the dishes, whisking, or indulging in other cooking activities. 
  2. The Bathroom:
    The Learning tower can also serve as a safe alternative to a stepping stool to facilitate self-hygiene activities.
  3. Dining Area:
    The child can sit in a Learning tower instead of a strap-in-high chair to have their meals. The Learning tower also promotes freedom of movement while the child eats. The Learning tower can also help the child feel included during meals.

What should one look for before buying a Learning tower?

The Montessori Learning towers come in a variety of styles, structures, sturdiness, features, and even prices.

Here are a few factors one should acknowledge before buying.

1. Adjustability

One of the key factors to consider is whether the Learning tower features adjustable platforms. With the help of adjustable platforms, the Learning Tower grows along with the child. 

2. Child’s ability

The features of a learning tower should meet the needs, requirements, as well as abilities of the child. The learning tower should essentially cater to the current needs of the child along with some of the forthcoming needs. 

3. Materials

It is best to look for the materials the learning tower is manufactured with. Learning Towers are manufactured with natural waxes and should be free from formaldehyde as well as other chemicals. 

4. Safety

Learning towers feature different levels of safety for the child. It is important to look for learning towers that feature completely enclosed platforms. 

The enclosed platformed learning tower eliminates the chances of the toddler falling or climbing out of the tower. 

5. Space Occupied

Space is also a key aspect to be considered while purchasing a learning tower. The Learning tower should be slim for homes with smaller rooms while homes that have bigger rooms can choose bigger variants. 

One can also invest in a foldable learning tower that will not occupy space and can be easily stored. 

6. Durability

One should look for a learning tower made of durable materials. Other than the factor of durability, one should consider how long the child will use the tower.

Are Learning Towers worth purchasing?

Learning Stools, Montessori kitchen helpers, or Toddler Towers are some of the names used to describe Learning Towers.

Learning Towers are safe stools that promote children to partake in mundane chores along with their busy parents.

Children when provided with the right opportunities and controlled freedom, are able to become confident, self-reliant, and independent from a very young age.

Learning Towers are the most efficient way to inculcate the value of independence and promote the development of fine motor as well as skills in children.

Whether or not learning towers are worth purchasing depends on the parent’s requirements and the child’s developmental stages.

If you are a parent who has a tiny toddler and one too many tasks at hand, then Learning Towers may be a quick fix for you.

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