Montessori Cribs

Let’s face it, setting up a nursery for your infant can be a daunting task for the best of us, especially when you do not know where to begin.

Infants and toddlers need a little extra attention and security, especially during their initial stages of development.

While most traditional tall and caged cribs are a go-to option for most parents, they often limit the child’s development process. 

With all the benefits a traditional crib may have they often come in contrast with the Montessori Principles and Montessori Philosophy

Children for the initial six years of their lives are susceptible to the stimuli present in their surrounding environment and are highly curious. 

This is where the Montessori beds, Montessori Floor Beds, or Montessori Cribs come into play, which take the needs and requirements of the Absorbent Mind into account and provides your child with the benefits of free-range exploration along with optimum safety. 

If you have an infant or a toddler of your own you might have come across these fascinating Montessori beds or cribs beautifully fashioned on the floor.

For those who are interested in incorporating a Montessori-inspired crib or Montessori Floor bed for your child but do not know where to begin, do not worry. 

Here is everything you should know about Montessori Cribs and Montessori Floor Beds to help you choose a bed that accommodates your child’s developmental needs.

Does the Montessori Method incorporate Cribs?

A crib is one of the quintessential pieces of furniture when setting up a nursery for a toddler or an infant. 

But one of the major distinguishing factors between a traditional nursery and a Montessori Nursery is that a Montessori nursery does not incorporate a crib at all. Instead of traditional tall cribs, a Montessori Nursery incorporates a Montessori Floor bed and a floor bed frame. 

These Montessori Floor Beds provide the child with an opportunity to take initiative, allow the child to make independent decisions, and develop based on their own experience.

What to consider when buying a Montessori Inspired Bed?

Before investing in a Montessori Floor Bed for your infant or toddler you should take three main factors into account:

The base of the Montessori Bed:

While the base of the Montessori bed is an important factor, it is important to note that not all Montessori Floor Beds incorporate a base. 

The base of the bed can be a secondary preference for some parents while others consider it to be an integral aspect as it provides extra support and makes the bed overall sturdy. 

Some Montessori Bed bases can be quite high and may possess a high risk to the infant’s safety, as they may fall or trip off the bed. 

Hence it is important to look for a Montessori Bed Base that sits low and is closer to the ground to prevent any unintended accidents.

Rails of the Montessori Bed:

Another determining factor when purchasing a Montessori Bed is the enclosures or the rails around the bed. 

This determining factor completely depends on the parent’s preference and the child’s age-appropriate needs. 

There are a plethora of low-sitting Montessori Floor beds available in the market that incorporate enclosures or rails for the child, while others do not. 

For infants, these rails can act as a great transitional crib that provides them with freedom within limits. 

But for tiny toddlers, a Montessori bed without rails will be a great way of developing their independence and self-confidence.

Size of the Montessori Bed:

The last determining factor is the size of the Montessori Bed that can range from toddler size to even king-size. 

While a toddler-sized bed is great for your small framed child, it can often become limiting and redistricting for the child.

On the other hand, a king or queen-sized Montessori Bed may be extremely fun, they take up tons of space at home. 

Hence, based on the space in your home and the age of your child, you can choose a Montessori bed that best suits your immediate needs.

What are the Benefits of using a Montessori Floor Bed? 

A Montessori Floor Bed is integral for parents who want to integrate aspects of the Montessori Method into their home or want to bring up their children in the Montessori way. 

The Montessori Method of education lays heavy emphasis on a Prepared Environment to encourage the optimum development of the child. As different as the concept of Montessori Floor Beds may sound, these beds incorporate several benefits.

Freedom of Movement:

Unlike traditional infant cribs that have high barred walls and railings which often restrict the baby’s movement, Montessori Floor Beds allow children to move freely.

Montessori Floor Beds provide children with freedom of movement, encourage children to venture out and explore their surroundings, as well as foster independence in children from a very young age. 

Encourages Decision Making: 

The establishment of decision-making values in a child during the early ages of development is integral for their future prospects. 

Montessori Floor Beds provide children with choices and decisions from the very moment they open their eyes in the morning. 

Safe and Secure:

Infants, toddlers, and children have the tendency to constantly move around or roll around in order to explore their surrounding environment. 

The rigid walls, elevated height, or railings of playpens and cribs can have unanticipated consequences where the child easily injures themselves.

Montessori Floor Beds and mattresses that are simply situated on the floor significantly minimize the risk of injury to the infant or the child. 

Easier for nursing the child:

It can be very hard for parents to carry their child in and out of the crib during an emotional outburst. 

Montessori Floor beds eliminate the obstruction and hurdles of picking up the infant and tucking them back to sleep. 

Montessori Floor beds also make it easy for mothers to lie next to their infants to easily nurse them. 

Unobstructed View:

With the lack of safety walls, railings, and bars the child can have an unobstructed view of the surrounding environment.

The Unobstructed view of the environment can provide sensorial stimulation as well as cater to their natural curiosity.

6 Best Montessori Beds for infants and toddlers:

Unlike traditional cribs that limit your child’s learning experience and development process, Montessori cribs provide children with new possibilities to become confident and self-reliant. 

There is a wide range of Montessori beds available in the market in different sizes or with different features which can make it difficult for parents to choose from. 

To clear your confusion and help you select the right Montessori Floor bed that accommodates the needs and requirements of your child, here is a list of some of the best Montessori Floor beds and cribs:

1. Low Montessori Floor Bed by Sprout Kids:

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This Sprout Kids Montessori Floor bed is made from high-quality material and is easily accessible as it sits low to the ground. 

This Montessori Floor bed is not only accessible but also versatile as it can be flipped to adjust according to your developing child’s needs. This Montessori bed is available in two variants i.e., one low side or two low sides. 

2. Montessori Floor Beds with Rails by Zipadee Kids:

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Another Montessori Floor Bed that grows with your child is the Montessori Floor Bed with rails by Zipadee Kids. 

This Montessori bed is modular and comes in three different size variants that are made from high-quality sustainable wood. 

This Montessori Floor bed is made in the United States and comes with removable slats or rails to help avoid unintended accidents. 

3. Home for Dreams Montessori Bed:

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The Home for Dreams Montessori bed is made from high-quality beautifully furnished wood. 

This Montessori Floor bed comes in three different sizes that can be swapped when the child needs a little bit extra wiggle room. 

4. Premium Wood Montessori House Bed by UHOM:

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Unlike most Montessori Housebeds that are covered fully or partially, this Montessori Wooden House bed by UHOM takes a more open approach. 

This Montessori bed is structured like a house that is completely slatless, opened, and made from high-quality wood. 

5. Malibu Platform Bed by Avocado:

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The Malibu Platform Bed by Avocado is great for children of age 1 year and above. Not only is this bed from high-quality material but it is also aesthetically pleasing. 

This Montessori bed incorporates a comfortable mattress that is fashioned on a low-sitting platform. This bed also comes in three different sizes ranging from twin to California king-size. 

6. House Bed Twin size with a fence by Meritline:

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Lastly, this Montessori House Bed by Meritline is among the most beautiful and extravagant options for your child. 

This beautiful Montessori bed is shaped like a house with its very own fence, comes with twin-sized mattresses, and comes in three neutral colors (gray, espresso, and white).

Should you purchase a Montessori Crib for your child?

Montessori Cribs or Montessori Beds unlike any other Traditional parenting approach differ significantly from standardized parenting practices.

The Montessori Method of education promotes your child to become self-reliant, confident, and independent from a very young.

Montessori Cribs and Montessori Floor Beds are a great way of facilitating holistic development by providing the child with freedom within limits.

Traditional cribs incorporate tall slats and constricting rails that often obstruct the child’s view and limit the child’s development process.

Montessori Cribs and Montessori Floor Beds on the other hand are low-sitting mattresses that sit on top of a low-rise base that only promote safety but also provide the child with opportunities to independently explore the surroundings.

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