Montessori Busy Books

Children, especially during the initial stages of their development are curious, energetic, highly susceptible to the surrounding stimuli, and have an absorbent mind

But have you ever wondered how you as a parent or an immediate caregiver can provide your younger one with the best possible tools to excel and develop holistically?

Although unconventional, there are a plethora of toys available in the market that cater to the age-appropriate needs and requirements of your child. 

The Montessori Method of education is a pedagogical tool developed by Dr. Maria Montessori that caters to such requirements and strives to provide your child with the right tools for optimum development. 

Busy books, although not specifically Montessori toys are a great way of incorporating age-appropriate stimuli for sensory development and introducing new reality-based concepts to the child. 

Furthermore, Montessori-aligned Busy Books can become a parents’ best friend especially when out and about running errands, dining out in a restaurant, or traveling with a toddler or infant. 

If you as a parent or an immediate caregiver have been interested in purchasing a Montessori Busy Book for your child but don’t know where to begin, do not worry.

Here is everything you should know about Montessori Busy Books to help you find the right one for your child’s needs and requirements.

What are Busy Books Anyways?

Busy books also referred to as quiet books in most parent circles are books or binders specially developed for children in their early stages of development (infants toddlers, preschoolers). 

Just like the Busy boards, a busy book incorporates different elements and components that promote children to fully engage their senses and indulge in self-directed play that requires prolonged focus. 

Busy books often integrate a theme that introduces the child to new information and stimuli to help expand their horizons, through the art of storytelling.

What is the purpose of a Montessori Busy Book?

So, upon learning about busy books you may wonder and question what exactly is their purpose and use. 

Montessori Busy books are simple binders or books that integrate age-appropriate stimuli for children in their early stages of development. 

These books are more than just words on a page, in fact, they are a great opportunity to learn about new concepts through open-ended play. 

Montessori Busy Books just like any other Montessori toy or Montessori Material integrate different components to promote sensory play and keep the child busy as well as engaged. 

Not only are these engaging books amazing for the absorbent mind but they also take the needs of sensitive periods into account and promote children to indulge in uninterrupted play.

What are the benefits of Montessori Busy Books?

Montessori Busy Books like Montessori busy boards are a great way to keep your child engaged in activities that require prolonged periods of focus.

While Busy Books are not absolutely required for the child’s development process, most busy books integrate Montessori-inspired themes that help children reach their optimum potential. 

Here are some of the benefits that your child will enjoy upon reading their very first Montessori Busy book:

1. Develops Fine Motor Skills:

Montessori Busy Books incorporate different components for the child to interact with that promote them to engage the muscles present in the wrists, fingers, and hands. 

The use of these muscles promotes children to develop their fine motor skills that allow children to grasp, hold, grip, and write.

2. Promotes Sensory Development:

Montessori Busy Books along with fascinating stories incorporate different manipulatives or components that allow your child to engage in their senses. 

With different textures and vibrant colors, with the help of Montessori Busy Books, the child is able to embark on the journey of optimum sensory development.

3. Expands the child’s horizons:

Montessori Busy books are more than just common books with age-old fairytales, they are an opportunity to learn about new and unique concepts for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. 

Busy Books that align with the Montessori Philosophy acquaint the child with different colors, shapes, dimensions, and even textures. 

Montessori Busy Books provide your child with all the components to develop their problem-solving skills and promote imaginative play.

4. Develops the child’s reading skills:

Lastly, Montessori Busy Books are a fun way to introduce linguistic concepts to the child. 

These books are a fun way to teach the child how to slowly learn the alphabet, letters, speech sounds, and eventually associate words with objects. 

Montessori Busy Books are a great way to teach children how to read from a very young age.

Learn more about how Montessori Teaches Reading:

When can you introduce Montessori Busy Books?

Montessori Busy Books are a great way to promote holistic development through open-ended hands-on play. 

Montessori busy books, although not imperative for the child’s development process, are tremendously beneficial for children, especially during their early stages of development. 

Montessori Busy books are best introduced to children for reading activities when they are about 2 to 3 years of age. 

However, you can read the Montessori Busy Books to your infant or allow the infant to tangibly interact with the components present in the busy book for sensory stimulation and sensory development.

A list of the best Montessori Busy Books for your child:

Since there are no specific Montessori Busy Books, it can be quite difficult as a parent to find the right Montessori-aligned Busy Books for their child. 

From the sea of all the busy boards available in the market for children, here is a list of some of the best Montessori Busy Books that not only inspire and entertain your child but also promote holistic development:

1. Montessori Kids Quiet Book:

The Montessori Kids Quiet Book is more than just some words on a piece of paper, in fact, this Montessori busy book is made from all-natural felt or a better sensory experience. 

Your child is prompted to attach the felt pieces to the soft pages of the book to enhance the child’s senses and promote interactive play. 

2. Quite Book Club- Busy Book for Toddlers:

Are you looking for a Montessori Busy Book that is more than just vibrant colors and interactive components? 

If yes then the Quiet Book Club, Busy Book for Toddlers is yours to choose as this wonderful book incorporates educational concepts that help expand the child’s horizons as they play. 

There are some Quiet Book Club Busy books that also integrate a section that promotes children to indulge in sorting and counting activities

3. De Moca Busy Books for toddlers:

Are you looking for a Montessori Busy board alternative that is not only interactive but also travel-friendly?

The de Moca Busy books for toddlers may be just what you need! These wonderful Montessori Busy books incorporate buttons, zippers, buckles, and snaps for the child to interact with and develop their fine motor skills. 

This Montessori Busy Book is suitable for toddlers as it contains different components to maneuver that are perfect for fidgeting. 

4. Love LnE Quiet Book:

The Love LnE Quiet Book is a high-end, high-quality Montessori-inspired Busy book perfect for parents who value quality over quantity. 

This Montessori Busy Book integrates activities that not only keep your child engaged but also spark their imagination and creativity. 

5. Pcs Quiet Book:

The 4 Pcs Quiet Book as the name suggests is a value pack that integrates four different kinds of Montessori Busy Books which are suitable for small schools or families with multiple children. 

All the books integrate easy-to-comprehend stick-on activities that allow children to explore new concepts tangibly. 

Each Montessori Busy Book in the four-piece set comes with a different theme and concept, promoting the child to choose the one they prefer the most. 

6. Tavva Maria Quiet Book:

Lastly, the Tavva Maria Quiet Book is a great Montessori Busy Book if you want to develop your child’s fine motor and practical life skills. 

Each page of this wonderful Montessori Busy Book comes with zippers, latches, snaps, and buckles promoting your child to learn how to dress themselves like they would with a Montessori Dressing Frame.

Are Montessori Busy Books worth a try?

Ever wondered why your child throws tantrums when you are running errands or boarded on a flight? If yes, then your child is lacking sensory stimulation.

Montessori Busy books also called Quite books are loved by most parenting circles for providing children with requisite sensorial stimuli even when they are on the go.

Not only for distraction and entertainment but, Montessori Busy Books just like any other Montessori toy also promote the development of a myriad of skills, including literary skills, fine motor skills, as well as practical life skills.