Famous Montessori Alumni

Let’s face it, an individual who is fairly acquainted with Montessori Philosophy may know that the Montessori Method of education sets a child up for success. 

It is a known fact that exciting and engaging Montessori Materials and Montessori Activities children enhance the child’s learning experience as well as promote optimum development. 

Montessori Education is, either right or wrong for your liking, not only does it helps your child achieve higher levels of academic attainments, but also provides children with the right tools to become confident, independent, and self-reliant.

With the help of systematic and scientifically developed Montessori Lesson Plans children are motivated to reach higher than the skies. 

When talking about Montessori Alumni, or Montessori Graduates one may be amazed to know several of the well-known personalities are Montessori Alumni. 

Here is a list of some extraordinary personalities, talented musicians, and well-known entrepreneurs who are Montessori Graduates.

1. Jeff Bezos: 

The founder of the Online shopping Platform Amazon, Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur, a commercial astronaut, an investor, and the Executive Chairman of Amazon.

Bezos attended a Montessori School in New Mexico, Albuquerque during his preschool years.

2. Helen Keller:

An exceptional example of human genius, Helen Keller overcame all the odds and became a writer, a political activist, a disability rights advocate, and a lecturer. 

She was also awarded the Medal of Freedom, Gallup’s most coveted award f the 20th century. 

Keller was a great admirer of Dr. Maria Montessori’s systematic educational philosophy which inspired her to achieve her own unique set of goals regardless of her disabilities. 

3. Larry Page and Sergey Brin:

Larry Page and Sergey Brin are the founders of the internet search engine Google. The Dynamic Duo has more than just the company Google in common, they also went to Montessori Schools which has a significant contribution to their success. 

Both the computer scientists credit and admire the tools the pedagogical philosophy provided them, which helped them think out of the ordinary and reach their goals. 

4. Taylor Swift:

An American singer and songwriter, Taylor Swift is considered to be one of the biggest pop stars in the world. 

The singer is popular for narrating her life experiences through her melodious music that touches more than a million hearts. 

But there is one fact that most Taylor Swift fans are unaware of, the Grammy Winner also attended The Alvernia Montessori School in Wyomissing during her preschool years.  

5. Mark Zuckerberg:

The Chief Executive of the social media platform Facebook, Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is an American internet entrepreneur and philanthropist. 

Zuckerberg is known for co-founding Facebook, a social media platform, and Meta Platform, its parent company. 

6. Anne Hathway:

Anne Hathway is an American Actress and a recipient of a multitude of Cinema Awards ranging from Primetime Emmys, Golden Globe Awards, and Academy Awards.

She is regarded to be one of the highest-paid Hollywood Actresses in the world. 

Recognized for her roles in famous movies such as The Devil wears Prada and the Dark Knight Rises, this beautiful actress also attended a Montessori School in Brooklyn, New York. 

7. Stephen Curry:

Wardell Stephen Curry, also known as Steph Curry is an athlete and an American Basketball Player for the NBA Team Golden State Warriors. 

Stephen Curry credits his Alma Martyr The Christian Montessori School and the Montessori Philosophy for his success. 

The best 3-point shooter of the Golden State Warriors, Curry open-heartedly celebrates the intrinsic and auto-didactic educational method that allowed him to harness strength and reach his goals in life. 

8. Gabriel Garcia Marquez:

Gabriel Garcia Marquez was a Colombian novelist, screenwriter, short fiction writer, and journalist. Synonymously known as Gabo or Gabita, Marquez was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature for his myriad of literary works in the year 1982. 

Marquez credits many of his accomplishments to the Montessori Method of education which allowed him to learn how to read and write through phonology. 

 9. Kathrine Graham:

An American Publisher as well as the former owner and editor of the newspaper The Washington Post, Kathrine Graham transformed the Washington Post newspaper to become the leading newspaper in America. 

She appreciated the Montessori Method’s Learning by doing an approach that allowed her to bring about new changes. 

10. Sean Combs:

Sean Combs is an American rapper, musician, and the CEO of Bad Boys Production. The Grammy Award Winner and entrepreneur was also a talent director at Uptown Records before owning his record label. 

Sean Combs, synonymously referred to as P Diddy, talks about the roots of his success at the Vernon Montessori School.

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