The Binomial & Trinomial Cubes

The Binomial and Trinomial cubes are a Montessori sensorial material that teaches  early math skills.  The Binomial Cube represents the equation (a+b) while the Trinomial Cube represents (a+b+c).  The purpose is not for the child to know of the equation or how to solve it, but the cubes develop the predisposition to understand math.  They create all those wonderful connections in the absorbent mind that will lead to easier understanding of math concepts later.  To learn more about the equation and the nitty gritty of how it all breaks down, visit these articles:  The Binomial Cube and The Trinomial Cube.

The Trinomial Cube is a new addition to our school room thanks to another wonderful Christmas gift from my mom.  JR has been working on it for 2 days and can complete it with minor suggestions from me.  Asher has been dutifully working with the Binomial Cube alongside his big brother.  There is something so adorable about seeing them work side-by-side on similar work that fits their different skill levels.  Asher completed the Binomial Cube independently today for the first time.  I caught his celebratory shouts of joy on camera.  It was just too cute not to capture.


What has your child celebrated lately? Spelling a new word or completing a new nomenclature set?  Whatever it is, I hope you are capturing these sweet celebratory moments, whether it’s on camera, video or journaling.  You won’t want to forget these amazing moments.

3 thoughts on “The Binomial & Trinomial Cubes

  1. It’s almost like I can hear his shouts of joy through the computer. Great moment to capture. I recently captured my 16 month-old son’s excitement of pointing correctly at a number. I was so glad that I had my camera. He’s in the stage of loving to point and to name things.


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