Montessori Movable Alphabet

Today has been a breath of fresh air.  It was our first day back in the school room since the stomach virus attacked our home.  It’s amazing how much balance is brought into our life when we make the time to do our Montessori work.  It brings so much peace and pure joy into the boys attitudes.  JR was so happy to see new work on our shelf today.  One of which was a Movable Alphabet given by my mom.  Truly, Montessori gifts make the best Christmas gifts…or Birthday gifts for that matter.

A Movable Alphabet is a tool which assists children in learning to spell, read and write.  I provided objects in a box and a lined piece of cardstock drawn by myself to fit our Movable Alphabet.  JR, then took those objects, sounded out the words and spelled them independently.  A piece (or pad) of lined paper can also be provided for the child to then write the words, using the example of the word spelled with the Movable Alphabet.


We’ve been working on the Pink Series which consists of CVC words (simple words in the consonant-vowel-consonant format).  When choosing words for the pink series, it’s important to use phonetic words.  As you can see, I made the mistake of including a car in the box, which is not spelled phonetically.  It was so fun today to use the Movable Alphabet to help teach the Pink Series even better.

Here are more Movable Alphabet/Language Series resources from around the web:

Our Movable Alphabet is from Kid Advance.  I chose to purchase the Print Alphabet, but I know of many Montessori homeschoolers that love the D Nealian Alphabet.

Montessori Mom has an extensive list of Pink Series (CVC) words.

Homemade Montessori has a free printable for Pink Series Image Cards.

Visit Montessori Print Shop to learn how to make your own Movable Alphabet, Printable Picture Cards and Sound Cards.  MPS also offers many Movable Alphabet Materials and instructions on how to store them.

Montessori for Everyone has an excellent article on how to present pink, blue and green series in your Montessori classroom titled Montessori Basics 8: Pink, Blue and Green Series.  Also check out: Setting Up Pink Series Work.

The Learning Ark has a wonderful post showing how they use the Movable Alphabet to learn the Pink Series.

Living Montessori NOW shares links to Inexpensive and DIY Movable Alphabets.

What is your favorite resource or blog post about the Montessori language materials?

10 thoughts on “Montessori Movable Alphabet

  1. I remember the first time I heard the phrase “movable alphabet”. I was like, “The alphabet moves??” It sure does! What a great material. Love your pictures.

    Thanks so much for featuring us in your round up of links!

  2. I’m putting the movable alphabet on my wish list. It’s never to early to have these resources ready when it is time. My 16 month-old son and I were relieved to return to our schedule as well. Glad to see the boys excited. Thanks for adding the additional resources as well.


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