Montessori Movable Alphabet

Today has been a breath of fresh air. It was our first day back in the school room since the stomach virus attacked our home. It’s amazing how much balance is brought into the life when we make the time to do the Montessori work. It brings so much peace and pure joy into the boys attitudes. We are so happy to see new work on our shelf today. One of which was a Movable Alphabet. Truly, Montessori gifts make the best Christmas gifts, or Birthday gifts for that matter.

A Movable Alphabet is a tool which assists children in learning to spell, read and write. I provided objects in a box and a lined piece of cardstock drawn by myself to fit our Movable Alphabet. Kids then took those objects, sounded out the words and spelled them independently. A piece (or pad) of lined paper can also be provided for the child to then write the words, using the example of the word spelled with the Movable Alphabet.