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I stepped in pee twice today.  No joke.  Once it was the dog’s the other time it was Asher’s.  Apparently the light was turned off in the bathroom so he couldn’t see where he was peeing.  One of the few downsides to being a boy mom is their inability to aim.  Anyways…other than the pee, today was actually a pretty good day.  We headed to Target early to get our weekly grocery shopping out-of-the-way.  Both of the boys chose to ride in the huge monstrosity of a cart so that meant minimal karate chopping, laser gun shooting and running into people.  I bribed them with…I mean bought them popcorn and an icee to distract them from the behaviors named above.  Minus a spill in the middle of an aisle and helping the associates clean it up, the trip was easy.  The rest of the day was spent running errands, organizing my desk area and then teaching John Robert algebra and Lila to drink out of a non-spill sippy cup simultaneously.  After dinner, I ditched Robert and the kids to run to Costco allllllone.  Am I grinning big enough in my picture of freedom?

Overall it was a good day.

How was yours?

What’s new with this Montessori MOM…

I haven’t written for a bit, so here’s a little post to catch us up…


March 13 & 14: I did a ton (otherwise known as 12) hours of continuing education courses.  I leaned heavily on coca-cola to get me through it.  Those of you who are a licensed professional know how wonderfully fun that was and everyone else can imagine, I’m sure.  ;)

March 15: I celebrated my 33rd birthday. That same day my sister moved to San Francisco.  Robert took me out to a fancy steakhouse for dinner and we alternated walking Lila around the restaurant because she was so fussy.  The only place she was happy was the women’s restroom where she giggled, smiled, chuckled and flirted with the cutest, little 6 month old she ever did see.  Herself.  In the mirror.  Later that night, she got sick, sick, sick and we’ve been dealing with a respiratory infection ever since.

March 16:  We spent the day at the Dallas Arboretum, followed by Pinkberry frozen yogurt.  We considered it my “real birthday” since I needed a do-over badly.  It was fun and relaxing, but it still seemed like something was missing.  I did manage to get my first sunburn of the year.  Happy Birthday to me.

March 17:  Lila was still sick so we played hooky from church and relaxed.  We started the day with green pancakes and then the boys got stir crazy so we went on a St. Patrick’s Day hunt in the car.  They were rewarded with a prize of chocolate gold coins at the end.

Today:  We did a ton of school work.  JR is working on telling time using a hand-made clock I made him.  I caught Lila red-handed getting into the Montessori shelves.  I guess she’s ready for a Treasure Basket.  Let the baby Montessori posts begin!  As for my “parts of the head” file, it’s still corrupted and I wonder if I’ll ever feel up to re-doing it.  I’m teaching Asher’s preschool group this week and the theme is “Bunches of Bunnies.”  So…get ready for bunny themed trays.  Any ideas?

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen and heard a lot of this already.  I post a lot of pics on Instagram (probably too many) so follow me if you’re on there.  I’m loriMOMents.  I’d love to follow you back.  Just comment on one of my pics saying you follow my blog so I know to follow you back.

I’m wishing you a happy homeschool week!  And me too (please!)

brothers…in the best of times and in the worst of times

My boys are typical boys…you know “noise with dirt on it.”  They are loud and rambunctious.  They love guns, swords, pirates, power rangers and lightsabers.  Some days they get along marvelously.  Other days, I want to pull my hair out from the tattling and wresting…and all of the boo boos and tears that come from said wrestling.  Today was one of those kinda days.

We had a major meltdown, followed by a snack for the boys (low blood sugar?) and chocolate and a coke for me.  Sometimes I feel like if you gave me enough Coke, I could rule the world.  Today was a 2 coke day just to rule my home, so I can’t even imagine how many cokes it would take to rule the world…but I like to believe I could do it.

Regardless of how many cokes I need to have or how much hair loss I experience…I luuuuuuv these boys.  I love them as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean.  I can’t get enough of them and it’s easy to see why…



*Photos by Mikki Platt Photography.

So, do your kids drive you crazy regardless of how much you love them?

p.s.  the days that go quiet here on the blog are directly related to the days I get a nap…so I hope instead of missing the posts, you’ll congratulate this prego for getting a nap!

arts & jazz kinda weekend






What’s better than kicking off your shoes, spreading out a blanket underneath the shade of a tree and listening to live music?  Nothing.  To make it even better, this was the first year we didn’t have to fight the crowds with a stroller.  It will be our last and only year for a couple more once our little girl joins our family.  The boys ran and danced barefoot in the grass, Robert and I had the best brisket tacos with coleslaw we’ve ever had and Asher showed off his mustard smile from his corn dog.

To top it off, after the festival we stopped at the best ice cream shop of all time, Beth Marie’s in Denton Square for watermelon (asher), raspberry (jr), court-house pecan (me) and german chocolate cake (robert) ice cream.  It was heavenly.  We ate it on the lawn next to the courthouse, soaking up the sun and breathing in the fresh air.

Just when you think life can’t get any better…it does.

p.s.  I’m rocking a 22 week baby bump and Robert felt the baby move for the first time on Thursday.  It’s going by so fast!

Happy First Day of Spring!

Today is officially the first day of Spring.  Is it Spring-ish where you’re at?  This past Saturday, we visited the Dallas Arboretum for a picnic in honor of my birthday.  The tulips were so gorgeous!  I couldn’t get enough of them.  It was a small group, just family and one close friend.  I tend to like those celebrations best.  For lunch, the baby wanted the Trio salad from Corner Bakery (with mixed greens and caprese salad) and an enormous fruit platter.  For dessert, we had a Chantilly cake from Whole Foods.

Today was another good day.  I created the ABC book clip art I was saying I wanted to make yesterday.  Tomorrow, I’ll have the fun ABC book activity to share with you, plus a free printable.  I hope you are having a great week!

p.s. To see how I celebrated my last birthday, click here and here.  Happy Birthday fellow Pisces!

My Life, Hour by Hour

I recently met up with a good friend of mine that I haven’t seen in a while.  She brought up my blog and asked how I did it all.  I inwardly chuckled because I know for a fact I don’t do it all.  She asked me to post a timeline of my day from my perspective to see how I fit it all in.  I chuckled again and told her that my life right now is DRASTICALLY different from how it used to be.  My timeline right now would consist of “Took my Phenergan last night and couldn’t drag myself out of bed until 10.”  :)

To give you a little glimpse into my life, I’ll share that my erase board calendar still has November on it.  I give you permission to laugh.  I don’t know if I’m keeping it up now just to see how long I can go or because it makes me laugh every time I see it.  My life is resuming some kind of normalcy.  We have had 2 separate sets of house guests for over a week now so today was a “catch up” day for me.  It went a little bit like this…


7:50  |  John Robert peeks into my room to ask if he can watch tv.  I say yes and remind him there are bowls of peaches in the fridge (that I prepared last night) for both him and Asher.
8:00  |  I lie in bed listening to the sound of rain and the boys playing nicely; lots of vroom vrooms and laughing.
8:50  |  I hear a little crash followed by Asher crying, “Open the door, momma!  My hands are too slippery.”  I open the door and he rushes into my arms explaining his boo boo.  I cuddle him for a split second before he declares he’s all better and runs off to play.
9:00  |  I grab the book I’m reading, Glow, to entertain me while my nausea and dizziness subside.
9:45  |  I finally decide I’m ready to get up to make a small breakfast of toast.
9:50  |  JR chooses toast with grape jam, Asher chooses Nutella and I give them each a handful of dried cranberries.
10:00  |  I lie back in bed with my toast slathered in strawberry preserves (Fruit has been one of the only constant foods that has agreed with me this pregnancy…the toast was just something to put it on.)
10:15  |  Asher peeks in asking me to help him wash his hands.  He can wash them himself, but he can’t quite reach the levers to turn on the water yet.  I notice his face is covered in Nutella and it makes me smile.  I rub his chubby little hands with water and smile some more.  I’ll miss these chubby, little hands when he grows bigger.  Asher then becomes enamored with a rock sitting next to the sink and grabs it to go play.
10:25  |  I grab a wet wipe to clean Nutella off Asher’s leg and then clean off my sticky doorknob that is coated in a combination of Nutella and peach juice.
10:35  |  I finish the last chapter of Glow and head to the shower.
11:00  |  The shower has exhausted me as it usually does lately (is it the combo of the warm water and steam or what!?) so I rest in bed for a bit.
11:25  |  I pay bills online…oh, joy! ;)
12:10  |  I take a long look at the mountain of laundry that has developed over a week.  How does it grow so fast?  I decide to do a load while my hair finishes air drying.  There’s no way I’m straightening it today with the rain and wind.
12:42  |  I sit down to catch my breath from laundry.
1:00  |  I make my meal plan and grocery list despite the fact that NOTHING sounds good.
1:20  |  I drive through Chick-Fil-A for lunch (bad mom).
1:40  |  I run to Target for diapers (Target brand diapers are my favorite) and then to Market Street for groceries.  I buy a Rotisserie chicken which makes me want to gag the entire grocery trip.
3:00  |  We arrive back home and I read the boys 4 of their library books before lying Asher down for a nap.
3:20  |  I look again at the mountain of laundry and sigh.  I put in another load.
3:40  |  I decide to reward myself with a nap for doing more in one day than I’ve done in months.  OK…let’s be honest…I nap almost every day regardless if I’m productive or not.
4:30  |  I work on a new Interior Design project.  At first I have to talk myself into it, but I quickly become engrossed.
5:30  |  Robert arrives home.  I’m shocked at how fast the day went by.  I start the dishes and we talk about what we want to eat for dinner…Spaghetti and Meatballs it is.  While the food cooks, I de-bone the Rotisserie chicken for dinner tomorrow and only gag three times.  It still makes me sick, but I’m desperately trying to get back to cooking healthy meals.
6:30  |  I sit back down at my computer to write this blog post while my superman of a husband finishes dinner.  Have I mentioned that I love that man?
7:00  |  The family sits down to watch Dancing with the Stars.  I’m not too impressed with the “stars” this season.  Asher kept calling Gavin Degraw the old guy.  It made me laugh, because he’s not old at all…just to a 3 year old.
8:00  |  We start the bedtime routine of pjs, vitamins and brushing teeth.
8:30  |  The boys declare they “hate bedtime.”  I coax them into the bedroom like wild, angry animals to say their prayers and go to bed.  Asher says the thunder and lighting scares him so I calm his fears, reminding him that nothing bad will happen in our home and mommy and daddy are in the bedroom right next door.
9:00  |  Now I’m just improvising because I have already posted this blog post.  :)  Robert and I lie in bed to watch tv and talk about the day.  I fold the mound of laundry I did today, then I choke down my vitamins (literally).  Taking my prenatal vitamins is the least favorite part of my day.
10:00  |  Lights out.


Whew!  What a list.  I’m not sure if that was entertaining or painful for those of you that stuck around to the end.  As you can see, I’m definitely not doing it all.  I’m actually pretty boring and normal.  I do wish I would have had time to prepare clip art images for this ABC book I want the boys to be able to make.  Maybe tomorrow.  Since it was a “catch up” day, I didn’t feel bad that we didn’t have time for school work.

I’ve set a goal for myself to get back to blogging once a day and about Montessori or education twice a week.  I know it’s still not what I was able to do before, but I’m taking baby steps.  So, for those of you who are still reading, was that fun or painful?  You can be honest.  :) 

Happy Bump Day!

{a 15 week reflection in my favorite silver leafed mirror}

I’m 15 weeks today so I decided to show off my little bump that keeps on growing.  I’m still not craving really anything but I have decided some things are easier to keep down than others.  I’m eating a lot of fruit and salads.  I’ve found bananas are the best coming back up…sorry if that’s tmi {because even I think it’s weird that I know that.}

I’m almost back up to my pre-pregnancy weight…2 more pounds to go.  I have a “golden time” every day between 12-3 where I feel good.  I think the “golden time” will just keep getting longer as this pregnancy progresses.  I’m still resting a lot and it’s been such a blessing that my children are so self-sufficient.  Thank you, Maria Montessori for giving me the tools to prepare my children for days like this.

According to the bump, our baby is the size of a Navel Orange and I’ve felt it move twice already.  I’m ready for the days when I’ll feel it move often and share those annoying hiccups with the baby all day long.  The boys are in love with this baby.  They speak to him/her and give goodnight kisses.  I have no doubt that they will protect and love this baby because as I’ve told them often, this is their baby too.  Asher wants a brother and John Robert wants a sister.  I think he wants a sister for me, because he knows I’d love one.  Honestly though, I’m a blessed woman regardless of the gender of this baby…it really doesn’t matter.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  We are celebrating the second birthday of a little girl I love so dearly.  We also have Robert’s parents coming into town to share in this horrible, gray weather we are having.  Hopefully you are having better weather than us, because winter has reemerged onto Dallas.