Montessori Grammar Boxes

Language on its own can be regarded as an arbitrary system that utilizes symbols, signs, and interrelated structural systems that allow individuals to articulate their thoughts or communicate. 

Learning the basic structural system of any language depends heavily on grammatical understanding. 

Grammar is the structural system of language that encompasses interrelated subsystems such as phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. 

Most of us have faint recollections of rigorously memorizing grammatical concepts such as tenses, verbs, or nouns before exams during elementary. 

The Montessori method of education takes a more unconventional approach, this unique pedagogical tool incorporates manipulatives to enhance the child’s learning experience. 

Dr. Maria Montessori developed a unique system of education that allows children to write before they begin to read with the help of Montessori Materials

One such systematically developed Montessori Material is Montessori Grammar Boxes, which promote children to comprehend complex linguistic concepts. 

For parents, educators, or immediate caregivers, efficiently incorporating the Montessori Grammar Boxes into the child’s curriculum can be a perplexing task. 

To clear the confusion and allow parents to effectively facilitate Montessori Grammar Box Activities, here is everything one should know about Montessori Grammar Boxes.

What are Montessori Grammar Boxes Exactly?

Montessori Grammar Boxes are one of the most important Montessori Language Materials and the Montessori Prepared Environment

The Montessori Grammar boxes are tangible representations of the Grammatical Parts of speech for the child to easily comprehend the structure of language.

Essentially they are a series of boxes that effortlessly isolates each Part of Speech and allows children to construct phrases, clauses, and sentences. 

When using a Montessori Grammar Box the child is encouraged to work with Montessori Grammar Symbols in correspondence with their designated parts of speech. 

Children are promoted to select a sentence and then place the Grammar cards in a correct sequence to create an articulate sentence. 

Montessori Grammar Boxes allow children to explore complex grammatical concepts such as syntax from a very young age.

When are Montessori Grammar Boxes Introduced?

The Montessori Grammar Boxes are a fun and exciting Montessori Language material that is introduced to the child during their elementary years. 

The series of boxes are introduced to children between the first and second planes of development allowing them to comprehend grammar by associating grammatical concepts to live actions.

The First Plane of Development:

During the first plane of development, the Montessori Grammar Boxes take the requirements of the Absorbent Mind into consideration and provide children with appropriate stimuli that allow children to develop a firm linguistic foundation.

The Second Plane of Development:

During the second plane of development, children are beginning to develop reasoning skills and deliberately use language as a means of communication. 

The Montessori Grammar Boxes utilize the reasoning skills of the second plane and allow them to explore new linguistic possibilities as well as develop a rational understanding of grammar.

What do the Grammar Boxes include?

There are in total nine Montessori Grammar boxes that incorporate the parts of speech represented by the Montessori Grammar symbols

Montessori Grammar Boxes are manufactured out of wood and have several compartments that carry components of the material.

Each set of Montessori Grammar boxes contains common cards that help children expand their vocabulary and develop a firm hold on syntax. 

How to Introduce Montessori Grammar Boxes?

There are in total of 9 Montessori Grammar Boxes that provide children with detailed information regarding the parts of speech.

  • The first Montessori Grammar Box is the Articles Box which includes nouns and articles that allow children to develop noun phrases. 
  • The Second Montessori Grammar Box is the Adjective Box which includes adjectives that describe the nouns. 
  • The next Montessori Grammar Box is the Verb Box which provides children with the tools to develop verb awareness. 

Once all the components are successfully introduced the child becomes equipped with the right tools to develop and construct their own sentences. 

What are the key takeaways of Montessori Grammar Boxes?

Montessori Grammar Boxes are unique Montessori Language materials that promotes children to comprehend different parts of speech.

With each new box, children are introduced to new grammatical parts of speech such as prepositions, adverbs, pronouns, conjunctions, and lastly reaching the ninth box interjections to enhance their sentence structure. 

Upon becoming fully acquainted with the Parts of Speech, children are encouraged to create exciting stories to enhance their communication skills by efficiently making use of properly structured sentences.