Isolating A Single Letter Sound

Kids now recognizes all but 5 of the lowercase letters. This week, I isolated the letter “c” for them by placing it in a bowl with a “car”. This way, they can successfully trace the sandpaper letter and say the sound without interference from us. They simply uses the “c-c-car” as his hint. Later, we’ll remove the car and see if they are able to remember the sound before we move on to the next letter. Kids also showed us how the car can drive on the “c” track. I love how these young minds think!

They can now successfully recognize the “s” and we are continuing to play the “I Spy” game. I say, “I see something that starts with a ‘s’.” and they try to find something that starts with a “s”. This week, we added a bowl with the “a” sandpaper letter and an apple. They can choose this work whenever they want, but it’s usually when big brother is doing his language work. Sometimes, they use the pointer finger alone. Othertimes, they use the whole hand. We show them how to use the pointer and middle finger together, but it hasn’t clicked yet.