Friday Five Language Edition

Children are enamored with small objects (for instance Lila is attracted to anything small on the ground and it immediately goes in her mouth!), so it’s no wonder that the children love to work with the Language Object Boxes. Object Boxes were introduced to us by previous Montessori directress. I mirrored the object boxes after hers and shared my SMAT, BEFG and DNIR object boxes on the blog. You can buy objects in kits like above or individually on Montessori Services. I personally wish I would have purchased the huge Alphabet Objects Kit shown above instead of racing all over town with coupons to purchase them all individually at Hobby Lobby, Joann’s and Michael’s. I ended up paying about as much and it was much, much harder.

We are just now using the Grammar Farm and it’s so much fun. What an amazing, hands-on way to teach grammar. I found a farm toy that included the barn and animals for $20 at a garage sale, but if you don’t get as lucky, this foldable barn from Montessori ‘n Such is affordable and cute. We use these exact Grammar Symbol Solids alongside our Grammar Farm and they are excellent quality.

Please, please, please tell me you have a sand tray! If you don’t, please make one. It’s so easy to take a cake pan and fill a 1/4″ of it with sugar or Kool-Aid. Have your child practice writing letters, numbers and shapes in it. They will love it. I promise!

We all know I love Montessori Print Shop, but it’s for good reason. Where else can you find great materials for under $3?! We used MPS’s Pink Series materials when JR was learning to read and I’ll definitely use them again with Asher. They are wonderful!

The Movable Alphabet is an amazing resource for a child who is learning to spell. It removes all of the frustrations of erasing incorrectly spelled words and starting all over. It also removes the struggle of writing the letters correctly, but allows the practice of writing the letters after the words are already spelled with the Movable Alphabet. If it was up to me, every home would have this incredible Montessori material.