Montessori Tour of Homes: Education of Ours

Jessie from Education of Ours is a Montessori Teacher for the ages 3-6, also called Primary or Children’s House. Her own children are Montessori kids. She went to Montessori Training (AMS) just after she got married, and then continued on for a Masters Of Education for Montessori and Early Childhood Education. She says, “The last few years with my girls have been so amazing; after learning so much about their stages and planes of development I felt ready for the every day with little ones. What magnificent growth happens in a three year cycle! Currently, we have a 2nd grader and two Kindergartners. This coming school year will be the last year I have my own children in class, so it will be both bittersweet and rewarding.”

madeline reading corner
1 | When did you start introducing Montessori in your home? I began preparing our home during pregnancy. I’m a planner by nature, my training taught me to prepare environments so I did just that. I felt like I had waited my whole life to be a mom. This adventure is unlike anything else. By the time the twins were born, we were in a new house and everything was set up for infants and toddlers to be independent and joyful.
2| What are your favorite Montessori-inspired spaces in your home? My favorite space is the playroom. We spent hours and hours there, crafting, learning, and growing. I also love their own art spaces that they have in their bedrooms. Art is so personal, they needed their own creation area.
3| How do your children benefit from a Montessori home? I see them doing things for themselves that typically an adult would step right in. They seem confident in their own abilities. My oldest child is now into researching her own interests, today it’s Red Pandas! The best part about having a Montessori-friendly home is that it is consistent with their first school experiences.
4 | What advice do you have for a parent who wants to start implementing Montessori principles in the home? Read & Watch. Scour through every Montessori book you can get your hands on, get a feel for the philosophy and see how it fits with your family. Watch your children. Really. Do nothing but sit and observe. What do they do when given freedom? Follow your child.
Tomorrow, Stephanie from Discovery Moments walks us through her home. Stay tuned.

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