Montessori Tour of Homes: How We Montessori

Kylie D’Alton is the Montessori Mom behind the marvelous blog How We Montessori.  She lives in Canberra, Australia with her husband and two sons, Caspar who is five and Otis who is two.  One of my favorite qualities of Kylie is how involved and hands-on she is with her two sons.  She’s a huge inspiration to me and I feel lucky to share her Montessori Home with you.

how we montessori - Caspar with Hermit Crabs

how we montessori - entry

how we montessori - boys bedroom

how we montessori - shelving

how we montessori - drink station

how we montessori - Otis in living area

All photographs taken by Katie Kolenberg for LittleONE Magazine.  

1 | When did you start introducing Montessori in your home?  I became interested in Montessori not long after Caspar was born. We started implementing parts of Montessori in our home straight away but it wasn’t until he was around eighteen months old that we really had a grasp of the Montessori home concept. We were fortunate enough to know about Montessori before Otis was born so he was raised from birth the Montessori way. 

2 | What are your favorite Montessori-inspired spaces in your home? I probably have three favourite Montessori inspired spaces in our home. Our kitchen is the obvious place. We have a low shelf in our pantry for the children to prepare their own snacks and an entire cupboard devoted to their cooking tools and plates. The boys also have their own refrigerator so they can access their own foods that require refrigeration. I love their bedroom which contains Otis’ floor bed and low baskets and hanger so the boys can dress themselves. I also love our livings areas which have lots of spaces designed especially for children. 

3 | How do your children benefit from a Montessori home? Most of all I want our children to feel inspired in our home. I want our home to be a place of peace, warmth, comfort and beauty. I feel following the principles of Montessori has helped us achieve that.

4 | What advice do you have for a parent who wants to start implementing Montessori principles in the home? First and foremost be kind to yourself, parenting can be incredibly difficult at times. I suggest reading widely, don’t just read blogs, books are a great source of neutral information. I also highly recommend connecting with your local Montessori community. Many people especially those with young children can feel isolated. Try to get in touch with other Montessori parents, infant or toddler groups, your local school or homeschooling groups.

Tomorrow we will tour the Montessori home of Jessie from Education of Ours.  You won’t want to miss seeing this incredible home of a Montessori directress.

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