Montessori Tour of Homes: Montessori MOMents

This last Saturday, Montessori MOMents turned 3.  In honor of the site’s birthday, I’m sharing a Montessori Tour of Homes.  Every day, a Montessori family will share their Montessori home with us and give us some insight into their philosophy.  Today, I’m sharing mine although many of you have already seen these portions of my home.  There are a few new spots, especially in the school room that I’m excited to share with you.  These Montessori spaces in our home are for John Robert (7), Asher (4) and Lila (1 on Wednesday!).  I hope you enjoy this Tour of Homes.


{a low table and small chairs fit their small bodies.  create a space that fits them ergonomically.}


{create a hierarchy of spaces where each child can reach his own space.  we have levels for John Robert, Asher and Lila in this room.}



{a new addition to our school room are these buckets, one holds JR’s work and the other is Asher’s work. they are low to the ground where they can access them easily.} 



{lila’s new space in the room is just for her – minus the movable alphabet. it’s low and uncluttered.}



{our grammar farm is new too.  it’s getting a lot of play these days.  :) }


{our hand washing station includes a pump soap that is easy for them to work without getting soap EVERYWHERE.  it also has a nail brush and step stool.}


{hooks are so much easier for kids to use.  these are mounted at their height.}


{a shower caddy mounted to the side doubles as a cup & straw holder. Also, different colored contact paper help them distinguish “their space”.}


{this is probably the boys’ favorite space.  they eat non-stop and still eat a lot at meals.  they’re growing boys and this way they can help themselves to healthy food when they’re hungry.}


1 | When did you start introducing Montessori in your home?  In 2010, I decided to stay at home with Asher and John Robert full-time.  I pulled John Robert out of his Montessori preschool since we could no longer afford it and started implementing Montessori principles in our home.  It was a gradual process and a very rewarding one. It still is. John Robert was 3 at the time so it was the perfect time for him to thrive in Montessori.  We started with easy things, like a hand washing station and an area for him to get his own water and snacks.  It transitioned into us remodeling our school room and purchasing traditional Montessori materials.  We are still working on it, but I’m really happy with where we are right now.

2 | What are your favorite Montessori-inspired spaces in your home? By far it’s our school room.  We spend time in there every day and it’s an oasis for us.  A peaceful place to get away.  It’s usually orderly and neat and it makes us feel at ease.  I love that every single thing in this room is for the boys.  Everything is at their level, with their work and their art.  All of the furniture is their size, except for the one red chair for me.  I’m especially excited now that Lila has a low shelf just for her under the window.  It will give her many activities to explore and develop her skills while the boys are busy at work.  I’m also very fond of the snack station in the fridge.  It helps a lot when they are able to solve their own problems, like hunger.  It also empowers them to help themselves, which is an important skill to learn.

3 | How do your children benefit from a Montessori home? My children are self-starters.  They are able to see their needs and figure out how to fulfill them.  I love that about them and I attribute it to our Montessori philosophy.  They also feel loved and comfortable since so many areas are especially for them.  This house is their home and it’s obvious to them and everyone else who visits.

4 | What advice do you have for a parent who wants to start implementing Montessori principles in the home? Start small.  Don’t worry about changing everything all at once.  You know your child and what will benefit him or her the most.  Start with that and gradually let your Montessori home grow.  Reading Montessori books are also extremely informational.  Get a good feeling for the philosophy.  The idea behind Montessori is so much greater than trays of work and beautiful materials.  It’s about a lifestyle.  You can mirror that lifestyle in your home at very little cost.  It’s about making your home kid-friendly where they can function and learn to take care of themselves.  Empower them and they will rise to the occasion.  I know because I’ve seen it in my own family.

Tomorrow we will tour the Montessori home of Kylie of How We Montessori so be sure to check back.  She has the most amazing Montessori home.  You will LOVE it.

7 thoughts on “Montessori Tour of Homes: Montessori MOMents

    • Hi Sabah, so glad you liked the tour. :) I bought mine at Adena Montessori, but they are HORRIBLE quality. I wouldn’t recommend them. I had better luck with Montessori Outlet and really good luck with KidAdvance and Alisson’s Montessori. Type in reviews in google for each company before ordering anything. It might save you from making a mistake. Good luck!

  1. three years, wow! my daughter is about to turn three, I can’t remember when I started following, but you seem to know so much I had thought surely you had been doing the blog and homeschool montessori for even longer. so, great job. I love the pics, this is a great idea for a series and I look forward to seeing the other tours.

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