Save Money by Eating at Home


We’re saving up for a family vacation so we’ve been looking for ways to cut back on expenses in July and August.  One of the most effective ways for us to save money is by eating at home rather than going out.  We saved $320 in July just by cooking at home all month!  And we don’t even eat out that much!  On the other hand, it is a lot more work so I’ve been throwing in super easy nights like sandwiches, breakfast for dinner and spaghetti.  Another thing I found that will give me a little relief is Dream Dinners.  Have you heard of Dream Dinners?  It’s a place where they do all of the prep work for you and you simply assemble freezer meals.  No grocery shopping, no meal planning, no scrambling through the pantry, no chopping and no fumbling for measuring utensils.  It is a little more expensive than buying the groceries yourself, but if you do it once a month as a supplement to your monthly cooking, it’s definitely less than eating out.

I went for my first time today with friends and I must say I’m kinda sold.  Granted, I haven’t tried any of the meals yet, but it was fun and easy.  I definitely recommend going with a group of friends if you go.  Or…it’s also a great way to meet new friends.  If you don’t have a Dream Dinners near you, you could easily organize a monthly cooking club with a few friends and rotate homes (and alternate or split up the prep work).

Here are a few of our family favorite recipes that we’ve been cooking this past month:

Baked Potato Soup
(makes a ton!)

Tortilla Chip Crusted Chicken Salad

Supreme Nachos
(to save even more money, we’ll make this with beans instead of meat)

Red Beans & Rice

Key West Grilled Chicken

French Toast Strata

Banana Muffins

psssst…Don’t forget about Friday Five tomorrow.  We’re sharing our 5 favorite language materials, but you’re also welcome to go off subject.  I’ll have a linky party organized.  I hope you’ll participate.

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