Inspiring Writing in Young Children


Writing can be daunting for young children.  “What!?!? You want me to make my OWN story?”  But there are ways to make writing achievable; to help them on their writing journey.  One idea that we’ve found success with lately is being inspired by the literature we’re reading.  The other day, John Robert read Olivia Goes Camping.  In the story, Olivia names her top five things to do while camping.  After, I asked him to write his top 5 things to do while camping.  Not only did he write his own story, but I also learned a lot about him and what he enjoys.  By encouraging them to write about their favorite things, their feelings and their experiences, you are helping them tell their story.

John Robert’s Top 5 Things To Do While Camping:

1.  look for bugs

2.  climb a hill

3.  catch fish

4.  help put up the tent

5.  collect firewood


Other ideas from around the web that can help us inspire our little writers:

  1. Get them comfortable with telling stories by using Storytelling Stones or a Storytelling Jar.
  2. Make it simpler by starting with a Fill in the Blank Story or a Fill in the Blank Easel Story.
  3. Introduce them to Cultural Storytelling Boxes like this one from Montessori ‘n Such.
  4. Learn the tricks discovered with the Everybody Writes study. “Everybody Writes provided teachers with innovative ideas and practical resources to help them run projects to get children in primary and secondary schools excited about writing.”

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