Butterfly Wings Memory Matching Game


With our Jungle Theme last week I created this game to do during circle time, but it could easily be made into a tray for one or two kids to work on at a time.  My preschool kids (ages 3 & 4) loved it!


  1. Cardstock (white or colored)
  2. Markers
  3. Clothes Pins (you can find these at Dollar Tree)


  1. Cut an even amount of triangles out of the cardstock.
  2. Color matching symmetrical wings out of pairs of triangles.

How to Play:

  1. Mix wings up and lay them face down.
  2. Have the first child turn over two.  Do they match?
  3. Once a match is made, overlap the triangles a bit at the center point and clip with a clothes pin.   Gently sway the butterfly back and forth to make the wings flutter.
  4. Continue until all of the matches are made.

Here’s how this game can be organized into a tray:


This game is a great way to introduce symmetry.  After the game, I gave each of the kids one blank white triangle and asked them to design a beautiful butterfly wing.  I reminded them to keep it simple enough to reproduce on another wing.  After they were done with the first, I gave them a second wing and told them to draw the exact same design.  I helped orientate the wings in the same direction so they could easily see how to replicate the design.  After they were done, each of them clipped them with a clothes pin and took them home.  All of the kids were able to successfully create a symmetrical pair and they had a fun time doing it.

What’s your favorite way to learn about symmetry?

2 thoughts on “Butterfly Wings Memory Matching Game

  1. A really great idea and so easy to put together :) Thank you :) (The sifting snow activity was a huge hit with Aarya – thank you for that too, will post pics soon)

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