A Nursery For Lila

I’m a Registered Interior Designer by trade so you can imagine that I go a little crazy at times with customizing my home.  I’m always on the hunt to create the most functional, beautiful spaces on our tight budget.  The nursery was no exception.  I can’t hardly wait to bring Miss Lila home to her nursery.

Here are my tips for creating meaningful spaces in your home:

1.  Don’t shy away from color.  Use neutrals as your base and add pops of color.  For instance, large pieces of furniture you’ll have for a long time are better in neutrals.  Add the pops of color in things easy to update like paint and accessories.

2.  If you can’t find something in your budget, put in the work and DIY.  I sewed my own mobile, crib skirt, crib sheets and pillows.  We also updated an old armoire with new trim, paint, hardware and wall paper.  We also painted some thrift store finds.

3.  Look at unexpected places like Target, IKEA and thrift stores for great priced items.  For instance, I really wanted these window coverings, but settled for two Target curtains pushed side by side which makes them look fuller.  I also really wanted this stool, but purchased a thrift store stool that we painted ourselves (it looks more silver in person).  The window coverings, window hardware, floor poof and tubs are all from Target.  The floor mirror is from IKEA.  The rocker and stool are from a thrift store.  Choose where you want to splurge and where to cut back.

4.  Don’t be afraid to mix styles.  I have a very eclectic style.  You can see how I mixed a vintage table lamp, traditional armoire & dresser, handcrafted rocker, quilt & cloud mobile, ultra-feminine crib skirt and industrial and modern art.

5.  Add meaningful items to your interiors.  The vintage lamp was in my bedroom as a child, the Moses Basket carried myself and siblings as babies and the tin canister above the vintage L is my grandma’s.  It used to hold costume jewelry that I would play with whenever I visited her home.  Regardless of the style of these items or what anyone else thinks, these items are irreplaceably meaningful to me.

Where to buy:

  1. Crib
  2. Mirror
  3. Chandelier
  4. Curtains, Curtain Rod & Rings (in stores only)
  5. Floor Poof
  6. Ceramic Fruit Crate in Coral Used to Store Pacifiers
  7. Coaster in Milk & Honey
  8. Tubs Straight & Angled
  9. Nursing Pillow (will be reviewed and given away later…stay tuned)
  10. Changing Pad Cover in Coral
  11. Dresser Knobs here and here
  12. Mirror on the Side of the Armoire (in store only)
  13. Personalized Hanger
  14. Plastic Trays Used to Hold Accessories in Armoire
  15. Similar Crib Skirt
  16. Tutorial for Crib Sheet (really easy)

Well, I better go pack for the hospital.  Tuesday is the day! I can’t wait to share the birth of our little girl with you.  I hope you have a great weekend.

9 thoughts on “A Nursery For Lila

  1. What an amazing room! You have a talent for make beautiful things! I really love it! I cant wait to “meet” you little one! Sending prayers your way for an easy labor and healthy delivery!

  2. Absolutely beautiful. I love all of the special touches you put into her nursery. She is one lucky girl to have a talented momma like you! Can’t wait to meet her on Tuesday!!!!!!

  3. My middle daughter Stella was behind me while I was looking at your photos and she exclaimed “OH is that a princess nursery?” Needless to say it definitely has her seal of approval. :)

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