thirty-one weeks

Little baby girl has been cooking for thirty-one weeks now. She’s getting stronger and I can now see my whole belly do a wave when she moves positions.  She loves to press up against my pelvic bone and sometimes she pushes so hard the sudden pain takes my breath away…but as soon as it comes, it goes.  According to the baby sites, she’s most likely over 16 inches long and weighs 3-4 pounds.  I’ll be gaining a pound a week now, which should be interesting because I already feel pretty big.

I love to think about what she will look like and what we will name her.  I also dream about how soft her skin will be and that perfect baby smell.  The nursery is coming along.  The walls are painted, the handmade mobile hung, the dresser moved in, the crib sheets sewn and the clothes washed.  With a few finishing touches, I’ll be ready to show you the final design.

I’m taking these short, last weeks to relish in my last pregnancy.  I’ve been loving every little kick and stretch.  I’ve also found some laid back homeschooling options that we’ve been testing out.  One is a reading program that I hope to share with you soon.

Have a great weekend! xo, Lori

3 thoughts on “thirty-one weeks

  1. Best wishes for the new addition to your Montessori Family. Do you have an iPad? If yes we at MontessoriTech would like to send you some promo codes. Our gift to the expecting big brothers.

    From MontessoriTech – A Montessori Educational Tool developer

    • Thank you so much! We’re very excited. We don’t have an iPad, but we do have an iPhone. Do your apps work on the iPhone? We’d love to try them out. :)

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