Mexico Inspired Montessori Unit

With Cinco de Mayo this Saturday, we’re learning about Mexico’s rich cultural heritage.  This also doubles as teaching the boys’ about their own cultural heritage, because Robert’s parents were both born in Mexico.  They moved to the USA in their youth, met, married and Robert was born here.  Here are the trays that we are using to celebrate Mexico.

{Mortar & Pestle Tray: This was their favorite by far.  It includes a child-sized Mortar & Pestle, a bowl of egg shells that were sterilized in boiling water, a bowl of Chow Mein Noodles and an empty bowl to pour the crushed discards into after they’re done.}


{Mexican Toys: brought back from Mexico by Robert’s parents.  I have seen similar toys for sale online and I’ve included links in the resources at the end of this post.}


{Weaving Tray:  A cabinet organizer shelf from Walmart with cut ribbons and this photo.}


{Top Left- Mexican Musical Instruments: brought back from Mexico by Robert’s parents.  Bottom Left- Flag of Mexico:  this fully colored flag, this line drawing of the flag and red, green and brown crayons.  Right- Mexican Pottery: brought back from Mexico by Robert’s parents plus this photo showing how the pots are used in cooking even in modern times.}


{JR spelling Mexico with the sandpaper letters I provided in a tray.}


Resources used to prepare our discussion of Mexico’s culture:

Happy Cinco de Mayo Everyone!

3 thoughts on “Mexico Inspired Montessori Unit

  1. Wow! Lori this is really great! Not only is the BEST Montessori Mexico study I have ever seen, but its great that is going to be awesome to let the boys connect with their heritage!!!! You inspire as always!!!!

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