Montessori Language – Pink, Blue and Green Series

Montessori splits reading into levels that makes it easier for children to learn to read the English language.  Unfortunately, English is not the most phonetically spelled language so our children have to learn phonemes, the sounds made by grouping two or more letters together.  Just think of the phonograms: “ie”, “ea”, “sh”, etc.  Montessori splits up language development into three stages: Pink Series, Blue Series and Green Series.

The Pink Series consists of CVC and other short words that have a short vowel sound, such as bus, nut, hat.  You can read how we have studied the Pink Series here and here.  JR has found great success with the Pink Series, so we are adding the Blue Series to our work cycles starting this week.

The Blue Series starts introducing consonant word blends and consonant phonograms, so this is where it gets a little trickier.  For example: “br”, “fl”, and “sh”.  This series can last a long time since there are so many combinations for the child to learn.  Right now, we are working on “sh” and “ch”.  There are plenty of resources to buy materials for this series, but I’ve been trying to save money with all the prenatal medical bills we have…so I’ve created a little free printable to sort images for the “sh” and “ch” sounds.

First, print off the sound posters “sh” and “ch” found here from Mrs. Leslie. I printed them at 50% deduction so they would be smaller.  (I was happy to find this as 1st grade work since JR is technically in Kindergarten.)  Second, print the free printable I created: Montessori MOMents Sh Ch Printable.  Third, cut and laminate.

{A worksheet I found online that requires the student to circle “sh” or “ch” for the pictured objects.}

The Green Series is where the trickiest of phonemes are introduced, like “ou” and “ea” along with long vowel sounds like “bike”.  We haven’t reached this series, but when we do I’ll be sure to fill you in on how we’re working on it in our homeschool.

Pink, Blue and Green Series Resources from around the web:

~ Sandpaper (Phonograms) Double Letters from Kid Advance.

~ Extensive Information about Blue Series Materials from Making Montessori Ours: New Blue Series Materials.

~ Pink, Blue and Green Series Materials by Montessori Print Shop.

~ Pink, Blue and Green Series Materials by Montessori for Everyone.

~ Pink, Blue, Green Reading Books by Dandelion Readers.  I haven’t read them myself, but I’m always looking for early reading books to go along with the Montessori Pink, Blue and Green series.  I wonder if these are good.  Has anyone tried them?

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4 thoughts on “Montessori Language – Pink, Blue and Green Series

  1. Do you know about the free pink, blue and green files from My Montessori Journey? You can just google it and it should come up.

    • No, I didn’t know about it and that’s one of my favorite Montessori blogs. I’ll have to check it out and add it to the resources. Thanks, Julie!

  2. You asked last year if the Dandelion readers are any good. Possibly you have tried them in the meantime but if you haven’t, here’s some feedback. I purchased the first set in Feb this year for my three year old who was showing an interest in the pink series words. It is now the end of April and – four sets of Dandelion readers later – she is a fluent reader who tackles any blue or green series word with ease. The Dandelion readers are just structured SO logically and designed for success, with no curve balls thrown in. I also bought a set of Fitzroy readers at the same time but my daughter hated them. They were extremely boring and repetitive. As a primary teacher who had never seen Dandelion readers before, I cannot recommend them highly enough. They are expensive but I look at it this way, for around $300 they taught my daughter to read and, more importantly, to love reading. Her Cycle 1 teacher was really surprised at the rapid progress.

    • That’s so wonderful to hear. Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t end up purchasing the books since I couldn’t find any reviews and like you said, they are expensive. I hope other people will read this and give them a go.

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