Bird Unit Study

I’ve been thinking a lot about Spring and what it will bring.  Maybe it will symbolize an end to my morning sickness and taking learning outdoors again.  It’s made me think of bird watching and how much fun it was.  There are so many wonderful resources for bird themed activities.  I hope these ideas get you thinking about spring too.

See our Bird Watching from last year.  We checked out a local “bird watching” book from the library, used binoculars to search for birds and recorded our findings with crayons on a bird line drawing.

Totally Tots has an amazing Bird Themed Sensory Tub.  I hope I have the energy to make one of these this Spring.

The Pinay Homeschooler shares many ideas in her Study of Birds Post including the “Parts of the Birds” cards from Montessori Print Shop and an amazing, handmade bird puzzle.  I’m thinking of doing this with felt to use with our felt board.

Montessori Print Shop has a free Bird Matching Game.

Little Acorn shares a recipe for Peanut Free Bird Feeders for all of the little ones with Peanut allergies.  I also love her idea of making children “My Little Book of Birds”.

Discovery Days and Montessori Moments has images of hatching baby Robins and Bird Themed Trays.

The eBook, Montessori At Home! suggests making a bird house using a kit from an Arts & Crafts Store. 

My Little Princess World shares many ideas in her post Our Birds Unit, my favorite one being “matching the bird models to the corresponding cards”.

12 thoughts on “Bird Unit Study

  1. I hope you get to feel better any time soon! To me, that’s the part I didn’t like about been pregnant. Morning, noon, and evening sickness…but everything is worth it when you have that beautiful little tiny baby on your arms. Thanks so much for featuring my Bird unit. I am wishing for Spring to come, too! And, I was really missing your wonderful post! Blessings.

  2. Hi Lori,
    We are excited about spring and bird watching over here too. One thing we plan to do this year is get a bird feeder, and hang it near the kitchen, so the kids can bird watch while they eat. We did some DIY ones last year and, well, let’s just say we’re going to buy a bird feeder this year ; ). Sadly, we get alot more squirels then birds. I also want to plant flowers that attract butterflies. We don’t get enough of those around here either.

  3. Hi! Thanks for featuring our bird activities, we will be revisiting it this spring or summer. I am so praying for Spring to come! Can’t wait to do outdoor activities. Thanks for visiting my site :) I’m an avid reader of your blog and am flattered to be featured. Thanks again!

  4. Wow! What great fun you have planned! Thanks for linking to my blog! I really hope that spring brings a end to your morning sickness! There really nothing worse then feeling like that for so long! Happy Schooling!

    • I am extrememly optimistic that the morning sickness will end soon and then the exhaustion will wear off and I’ll be back to the mom (and wife) (and woman) I enjoy being. Thanks for dropping by to say hi. :)

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