A different kind of Valentine’s Day



So, this year was a little different from last year.  Last year I made heart-shaped pancakes and the most adorable valentines for Robert (see here).  This year was a lot more mellow as I’m still trying to gain my sea legs…or at least that’s how it feels.  I made the boys Norwegian Pancakes (crepes) for breakfast and immediately recovered in bed.  It’s funny how the smallest things take everything out of me right now. 

I romanticized about taking the boys on a little mommy/son date to a local tea house.  We got all dressed up, talked about how to treat me like a lady and ate finger sandwiches as the boys fought and refused to be gentlemen.  The only saving grace was the delicious heart-shaped sugar cookie at the end of the meal.  My husband saved the day when he brought home take-out Italian and chocolate covered strawberries. 

In other news (I feel like I have so much to tell you!), Asher turned 3 on Sunday.  We had a small family celebration with a mint-chocolate chip ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.  He was so excited about his birthday this year.  It’s so refreshing to see how the small things make children so happy.  I wish I could be more like that.

My doctor also prescribed Zofran for me, which I started taking today.  So far, I don’t feel a difference, but I’m hoping I won’t feel as nauseated in days to come.  It’s taking a toll on all of us.  I can see a difference in the boys’ happiness level and attitudes since we haven’t been doing school work regularly.  I’m forcing myself to do school work with them tomorrow (even if I’m throwing up here and there).

And last, but not least…JR has his first loose tooth!  He’s VERY excited about it.  It’s like a right of passage into big boyhood.  Well, I’m sorry I haven’t been showing up regularly and the Montessori posts have become slim.  I hope to get better as the morning sickness eases.  I’m wishing you a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  Cherish the people you love on this special day and everyday.  Much love, Lori

3 thoughts on “A different kind of Valentine’s Day

  1. Your boys are growing up! A 3 year old and and a loose tooth! I know how hard it is to be productive and feel like you are doing the best for your family and children when you’re so sick but just remember this is temporary (in fact it will probably ease up within a couple of weeks) and you are a fantastic mother!

    • The paper dolls look like fun, but unfortunately they only have girl themed dolls and I have two boys. I bet some other readers will be interested. Thank you for sharing! :)

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