Matching Real-Life Objects to the Geometric Solids


Today was rough.  I don’t know about you, but for the first 4 months of pregnancy I feel like I haven’t slept for days (all the time) and feel nauseated all day, every day.  Despite it all, I always love being pregnant and just look forward to the second trimester when I feel on top of the world.  Feeling better and feeling the baby move just makes everything worth it.  Despite our rough day, I did manage to clothe, feed and educate my children, which are the most important jobs in my eyes.  All the cleaning and laundry will just have to wait until another day.  Ever feel like that?

Today, the boys experimented with Real-Life Objects I selected for them to match up with our Geometric Solids.  I provided an ice cream cone (cone), toy butter (rectangular prism), baby block (cube), toy egg (ovoid), spice container (cylinder), triangular toy (triangular prism) and ball (sphere).

I was happy to see how it brought a new energy to a work that has been over-looked.  I knew JR would do really well this work, but Asher really surprised me with the accuracy of his work.  He got it 100% right the very first time.  That just goes to show that children under 3 may be ready for this work if you give them a chance.

Here Are More Geometric Solids Sources From Around The Web:

Montessori Print Shop sells Geometric Solids Sorting and Geometric Solids 3-Part Cards for a modest price.
To The Lesson has a wonderful post showing how to use the Geometric Solid Cards and shares a fantastic idea for control of error.
Margaret Homfray, a student and colleague of Maria Montessori, has an extremely educational video “Lecture 15 – Geometric Solids”.  Although her lectures tend to be long, I still use her videos as my main source of video guidance due to her vast knowledge of Montessori.
Mi Escuelita Montessori has a fantastic post matching Real-Life Objects and Cards to their Geometric Solids.

5 thoughts on “Matching Real-Life Objects to the Geometric Solids

  1. This is a fun idea! I totally forgot about doing this with the girls! I have to say that the geometric soilds are the least used work here. No one, and I mean no one, wants anything to do with them (ok thats not quite true, Tadpole thinks the sphere is a ball and her tries to throw it)! Maybe this will help us use them more! Hey, maybe I’ll have the girls hunt for the objects and save me the work of finding them all! ;) Thanks for the idea!

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