Independence in Small Children

Are you ever surprised when you see your small child doing a task you didn’t think they were ready for?  On January 23, Asher asked me for an orange, but told me he wanted to peel it himself.  I started to say, “It’s pretty hard to peel an orange,” but then I caught myself and told him, “You can do it.” 

Honestly, I thought he wouldn’t be able to get his little fingernails under the peel or maybe he would give up after peeling a small portion, but he did it all and he’s been peeling oranges ever since.  He peels multiple oranges a day all by himself.  It’s funny how these small accomplishments make both of us proud and this new independence will come in handy when baby #3 arrives.  Maybe you have a 2 or 2.5 year old that is ready to peel oranges.  What do you think?

I love celebrating small moments like these…the small moments that make up life.

p.s. I’m completing goal #30 this week from my 101 goals.  I’ll be offline until Wednesday, February 1st.  I have posts scheduled for all of this week, but Monday and Tuesday of next week will be postless.  :)  No internet for an entire week…Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Independence in Small Children

  1. You have Goal #30 marked as a K for kindness to yourself and others. How is you being away from us for a week a kindness?!?!? LOL Well, at least you have some posts to keep your readers occupied with while you are gone. I suppose we’ll “allow” you to go unplug for a week. Enjoy yourself. Read a good book or something. ;)

    • LOL. You’re funny. It was nice not to feel the pressure to connect over the internet constantly. I got to take a nap every day. Can you believe it!?!?! It was great since I’m in my first trimester and tired all of the time! :)

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