Handmade Montessori Number Rods

Remember here, how I told you I’ve been wanting to make these, but haven’t made the time?  Well, Robert and I have been working for over a week on these handmade Number Rods to give Asher for Christmas.  First, Robert cut the rods out of 1″x1″ solid oak.  Then, he cut them in 10cm lengths.  For instance, the first one is 10cm long, the second is 20cm long and so on.  After he cut and sanded them, I marked them in 10cm increments with a pencil, taped them off and painted 2 coats of red on every other 10cm portion.  After they dried, I removed the tape and re-taped them off to do 2 coats of the blue on the other portions.  After the red and blue was painted, Robert applied a clear top coat to make them more durable.  It was a painstakingly long  process, but they turned out so pretty!

{Sorry for the shadowy photos, but the light in the school room wasn’t cooperating with me today.} 

 The Number Rods are one of the first math materials introduced to a child.  They are introduced once the child fully understands the Red Rods.  I’ll use them in the most basic way with Asher: lining them according to length and using the 3 period lesson to teach him 3 numbers at a time in sequential order. Today, we started with 1-3.  For JR, I can also utilize the rods to teach addition and subtraction.

For guidance on how to utilize the Number Rods in a variety of applications, I recommend reading The Math Teaching Manual – Primary Ages by Montessori Print Shop.  If you don’t feel like making your own Number Rods, Kid Advance has Small Number Rods for a reasonable price.  Want them for free?  I have a post on how to make a Free Substitute for the Number Rods.  Good luck and have fun!

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9 thoughts on “Handmade Montessori Number Rods

  1. Wow! Great work Lori! I wanted to make these, but I couldnt find the right size wood to save my life! Yours are beautiful! It looks like Asher likes them too! Pup has tried to use the small table top rods (we have the set from KidAdvance) and she thinks she is all grown up! She calls them her “math”! Happy Schooling!

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  3. Beautiful work! And thanks for the great post. I am struggling with how to do Montessori at home on a budget and while time consuming, this is a great alternative to buying ready made number rods. Hooray!

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