Pincher Grasp Practice Turkeys

Today I made homemade play dough for the very first time.  I used this recipe and it smelled yummy enough to eat…but it wasn’t.  Just ask baby Holden (my 16 month old nephew) who ate it and immediately gave the funniest face.  The play dough is completely safe to eat, but it does have a whole cup of salt in it so I wouldn’t recommend it.

I saw this idea on Teach Preschool and instantly loved it.  {Thanks Deborah for the great idea!}  What a fun way to practice a pincher grasp!  This activity is fantastic for toddlers, but JR (5yo) enjoyed it too.  Actually, the only one who didn’t enjoy it as much was Holden, but he did love tearing the butcher block paper on the table.  :)

Start with a lump of store-bought or homemade play dough.  We chose orange since we did Pumpkin Spice, but brown would be more accurate.

Roll it into a ball and stick feathers along the backside to make it look like a stylized turkey.

Then, the boys decided their turkey’s needed faces so I gave each of them a pencil to draw a face.  Holden was more interested in sticking the pencil in the play dough over and over again than the feathers.


So, we covered 3 different age groups in this activity {16 mos, 2.5 yrs and 5 yrs) and all of them enjoyed it.  I would say Holden enjoyed it the least and Asher enjoyed it the most, but I would say it was a succesful project for all.  Or at least that’s what I decided when I saw smiles like this…

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