Reading Non-Illustrated Books to Your Children

I love reading to my children and I know you do too.  We’re all working towards the same goal…Raising Children Who Love to Read.  Yesterday, I started reading out loud my sons’ first non-illustrated novel, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  I was pleasantly surprised when they sat through an entire chapter…after all, they are only 5 and 2.  Reading a non-illustrated book out loud to your children can increase imagination skills, attention span and vocabulary.

Here are a few tips to make a non-illustrated book just as exciting as an illustrated one:

  1. Read in a different voice for each of the characters.
  2. Adjust your tone of voice to create excitement.  Suddenly read louder or softer to create emphasis.
  3. Stop when you get to a word your child might not know and ask, “Do you know what mumbled means?”  Use this time to increase their vocabulary.
  4. Pause every once in a while and describe scenery or character together. Say, “What do you think that house looked like? Was it pretty or ugly, old or new, tall or short.” Help them learn how to envision the book in their imagination.
  5. Pause occasionally to recap or discuss.  Ask “What just happened to the little boy?” Don’t be discouraged when they say, “I don’t know.” It’s the same theory as when they can’t recall what they did all day at school.  They’re still developing the ability to recall memories and describe them.  This will help them develop that skill.
  6. Always recap before you start a new reading time.  Set the scene for what is to come.

Once a year, I have the opportunity to celebrate reading in a special way.  I attend the SPC Geoffrey G. Johnson Memorial Book Drive which celebrates the life of a young soldier who loved to read to his children.  Before he was deployed, his mother recorded hours of him reading bedtime stories to his children.  Every year, on the anniversary of his death, his friends and family members gather together at his childhood elementary school and donate new books to the library. 

To donate to this honorable cause, visit the 3rd Annual SPC Geoffrey G. Johnson Memorial Book Drive’s Facebook page here.  If you live in Frisco, Texas or the surrounding areas, I will pick up your books and deliver them to the book drive.  Email me if you are interested:{Oh, and keep you receipts for your Income Tax charitable donations deduction.}

Happy Reading!

7 thoughts on “Reading Non-Illustrated Books to Your Children

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  2. We read a chapter of a long book every night! The girls love it, esspecially Bunny! We have read all the Little House on the Prarie, all the Mary Poppins Books, and we are now on our second Winnie-the-Pooh book! I’m glad your boys are enjoying the reading!!!! Have Fun!

    • I’m so glad you left a comment and a link to your blog. Your kids are really, REALLY cute! More importantly, they sound like they love to learn and have a great momma. I’m so happy that your son is able to attend a Montessori school. You are giving him such a wonderful gift! It’s also fun that our children are so close in age. It’ll be fun to keep in touch. If you look under the practical life section here: I have lots of fun and easy ways to do Montessori work at home with your toddler. The sensorial section as has some great ideas, but some of them require purchasing Montessori materials that can get a little pricey: I hope you’ll keep in touch and comment often. Happy holidays!

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