Superhero School

Aaron Reynolds, the author of Superhero School, has discovered the most clever way to improve a child’s interest in math.  Every child wants super hero strength, so why not introduce them to Superhero Mind Strength?  Just like Superheros work out their bodies to stay strong, they also work out their minds.  This creative book shows how fractions, multiplication and division are used in a Superhero’s day of saving lives.  To add to the fun, I made SUPER EASY, No Sew, DIY Superhero Masks from Paperblog.  Hint: I used Dollar Tree felt because it is thinner than the higher quality felts. 

Would your little Superhero enjoy a day of Superhero School?

5 thoughts on “Superhero School

  1. I can’t express how much I love this picture!! They sure do love their superhero masks. I love that you find fun ways to peak their interest in school. Love, love, love this post.

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