Bird Watching

Have you ever gone bird watching?  We found out this weekend how fun it can be.  The boys took turns using the binoculars to observe the birds.  We discussed the colors of the head, breast, wings, tail and legs.  Since it was our first experience learning about birds, I didn’t go into too many specifics.  I try to start with creating interest to learn about the subject before moving on to specific terminology or facts.

I also printed line drawings for the boys to color as they were observing the birds.  JR did a really good job without any help.  Asher simply scribbled many colors all over the page, but you can tell from his facial expression that he was still concentrating very hard.

Here are the boys showing off their bird study drawings.  You wouldn’t believe how hard it was to get them both to look at the camera.  They were more interested in climbing on the train.  Go figure!

Do your children enjoy bird watching?

Bird Resources:

  • Discovery Days and Montessori Moments has great bird related trays you can see here.
  • Montessori Print Shop has “Parts of a Bird” Nomenclature Cards you can find here.
  • Adventures of Bear has a wonderful hands-on activity to learn about beaks here.
  • The Work Plan has a great bird unit you can find here.

6 thoughts on “Bird Watching

  1. He did a great job! I bet the boys loved bird watching. Glad the heat let up and you guys were able to get out and finally do the bird watching! Hopefully we’ll get to see you guys this weekend.

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