Hands-On Liquid Measurement Activity

I’ve been saving containers for a month now just for this activity {gallon, half-gallon, quart, 2 liter, pint, 24 oz}.  My kitchen bar looks like a recycling station.  If your kids love getting a little wet (really, what kid doesn’t!?), they’ll love this hands-on way to teach liquid measurements.

Tips to get the most out of measuring your liquids:

  • Talk about the names of the liquid measurements and say the names out-loud together.
  • Line up the water-filled containers side by side, smallest to largest.
  • Feel how heavy the different water-filled containers are.  Compare them.
  • Pour them one-by-one in the container and mark how high the water rose.
  • Set aside time at the end for good ol’ fashioned water play.

The funniest part was when Asher tried to pour the half-gallon of water into the bucket and it kept slipping out of his hands.  We were laughing over and over again as he tried and tried again.  Finally, John Robert helped him.  Sometimes…it takes 2.  :)





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