Dallas Museum of Art

At the beginning of this year, I thought to myself, “when is a good time to expose children to culture?”  Robert and I both enjoy art, theatre and music.  We were in heaven while living in Italy and visited as many museums as possible.  I’m not sure what the correct answer is…I suppose each child is different.  Every child has different interests, attention spans and levels of energy.  I thought about my boys (ages 4.5 & 2) and decided NOW was the time.

My goal #72 is “take the boys to a museum.”  The term museum is used generally here.  I could have selected a museum specifically for children, but something caught my eye on my goal list.  Adventure…I categorized goal #72 as an adventure.  I decided to throw caution to the wind and be adventurous.  So, when my sister, Jen, said, “Dallas Museum of Art is free every first Tuesday of the month.”  I said, “I’m in!”

Of course, a mom must always be prepared.  After all, any field trip has the potential to go bad.  My preparation involved a fully stocked diaper bag for any combination of disasters and creating a DMA Scavenger Hunt for the boys.  My boys love to have a purpose.  They love to search and they love accomplishing tasks.  I used the same process as I did when creating their Grocery List.

My goal wasn’t for JR to find the exact matches to the art on the scavenger hunt list, although for some of them he did.  I explained that his purpose was to find an art piece that was similar to one on the list.  For example, match a style or subject of the painting (portrait or landscape or animals).  He LOVED it.  He found many all on his own, without assistance.  He loved talking about the Mondrian and how it had geometric shapes and primary colors.  He also loved finding the Pollock, which he described as scribbles.

I recommend a museum trip.  Your child just might surprise you…I know mine surprised me.  What do you reward a child for being extremely well-behaved at a Museum of Art?

Why, cupcakes of course!


{Thanks, Aunt Jen for the wonderful idea.}

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