DIY Child’s Desk

Here’s another sneak peek into our never-ending school room remodel.  I never found a child size desk that fit my long list of requirements.  It had to have clean lines, a great balance of neutral and bright colors, it needed to be mobile, have storage and be big enough for the boys to work without interrupting each other.  Oh, and it had to be in our price range too…

Easy peasy, right?  Well, when I couldn’t find one to purchase…Robert and I decided to make our own creation. 

Here’s what you need to make our version of a Child’s Desk:

 {Qty. 2 –  Trofast Wall Storage $24.99 ea.}


 {Qty. 12 –  Trofast Blue Storage Box $2.00 ea.}


 {Qty. 4 –  Titan Casters 5 in $11.99 ea.}


 {Qty. 1 –  Wood species of your choice cut to 56″L x 20″W x 3/4″H.  Our’s is Hickory with a clear coat. I’d give you a price, but ours was left over from another project so it was free.}

{Qty. 4 – Mending Plate $2.15 ea.}

You’ll also need: screws and screw drivers (or drill – it makes it much easier).

Hint:  make sure you screws are short enough that they don’t go through the thickness of the wood and stick out the other side.

My {mini} male model decided to demonstrate the usefulness of the desk.  :)



We purchased these stools at Hobby Lobby for additional “friend” seating ($12 each!).  Asher seems to love them more than his chair…

My favorite things about this desk: 

  1. It’s mobile so it can be pushed out-of-the-way to do Montessori floor work.  My casters are unlocking fixed ones.  Make your’s even more mobile by investing in locking swivel casters.  My carpet keeps the desk stable enough that we didn’t need locking casters.
  2. So, far everything the boys have written on the top has erased off.  If there comes a day when something doesn’t erase, we can lightly sand the top and re-seal.
  3. It holds the Practical Life works which Asher can access easily.  The storage would also be great for arts & craft supplies.
  4. My boys love it.

What I wish we did differently…I wish we installed the casters closer to the edge to make it more sturdy.  Learn from my mistakes…

What are some of your favorite DIY projects?  I’d love to hear your ideas.


9 thoughts on “DIY Child’s Desk

  1. That’s great! Thanks. We’ve been looking for something like that for our room as well. I saw IKEA had some shelving units, but not a desk. I’ll probaby have Jason on this project when we move. :) Love it!

  2. Love, love, love the table! What a clever idea and so much storage! We need a new table because the garage sale coffee table they are using is much too short for Bear when she wants to work standing up. Emailing this to my husband to add to his project list.

    • Thanks, Julie. I’m glad you like it. Ours is “little kid” sized so the top is only at 18.5″ and those are kid sized chairs. If you wanted it kid standing height, you could use taller bookcases. I’m sure your husband is loving me right now. LOL.

  3. I meant to tell you when we were there for Asher’s birthday that I LOVE your desk!!!! I didn’t realize you made it yourselves.

    • Sorry, Julie. I’ve been offline for the weekend. They go across the two shelving units on the underside so they aren’t visible. I’ll email you a photo.

    • Thanks Laura! It was very easy and it’s been wonderful for the boys. Just the right size for 2 to sit and have plenty of room not to interrupt each other’s creative flow. :) Good luck in your desk construction. And thanks for sharing it on FB!

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