Farm Animal Families

Happy Friday Everyone!  We’re celebrating the end of the school week with a new Farm Animal Families work.  I wasn’t able to find free 3-part Nomenclature cards and the ones I found for sale weren’t worth the $18.  I have these cards for sale in my shop for $2.95 and they’ll save you the time of designing your own; you only have to print, cut, and laminate (optional) them.  JR is already using the correct terminology for the animals and it’s really cute.  I bet your kids will like them too.


Asher loved observing JR’s work.  He would point to the cow and say, “mooooo”.  I see Asher matching these on his own in the near future.  He was really interested in it.

How to use and store this work:


Example of 3-Part Nomenclature Cards – Farm Animal Families

   Buy them {here}

   montessori MOMents Animals Page 1_2       montessori MOMents Animals Page 2_2

 I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Tomorrow, Robert is taking the boys to Bass Pro Shop so I can get some work done.  I started a new project; a screened in porch.  I’ll be selecting materials, furnishings, lighting and accessories.  Sounds fun, right?  I have a feeling we’ll be spending a lot of time outside too since the weather is wonderful right now.

What are your weekend plans?

215 thoughts on “Farm Animal Families

  1. Wow! Thanks for these. I am working on farm animals with J-jo right now so these are great. Would you mind sending me an email with the pdfs though? A screened in porch sounds great! I wish our weather could be just a tad warmer, but low 60s are much better than the 30s we’ve had so I can’t complain:)

    • I’m glad someone else will get to use them too. Makes the work worth it. I’ll email you the pdf files. It’s 73 degrees here right now…almost doesn’t seem fair, but I’ll take it. :)

  2. I love these! Thanks for doing all of the hard work for me :) You’re such a great sister. I printed these out and am laminating them to have on hand for Holden in a few years. I know, I do things way ahead – but if I don’t get these at least printed & laminated now I may never do it!!

  3. Oh, and my weekend plans…tonight we are going to hang up all the frames!! I’m so excited to see the finished product. Tomorrow I think we are going to pick up the new door and maybe look for some of the letters. No big plans, just working on various projects.

  4. These are beautiful cards! I’m anxious to use them with my grandsons. Could you possibly email me the cards in pdf.? Thank you.


  5. Awesome, these are beautiful cards. I was searching for them and stumbled on your site, btw, you have a great site.

    Can you email me the pdf files so I can print them out and work them with my son?


  6. Many thanks for sharing us these cards. Is it possible to send me by e-mail the pdf files? Thank you.

  7. So wonderful! You did a great job making them! I would love to get the pdf if you could send it to me! I know my girls will enjoy them too! Have fun on your porch! I wish I could think about sitting outside, but here in ohio we are expecting 17in of snow!

    • I’d love to share them with you. I’ll email them to you shortly. We’ve been enjoying a short spell of temperatures in the 70s, but a cold front is about to come through. Boo. I can’t say I’m jealous of your snow. ;) That’s why I’m a Texas girl.

  8. Lori, these are great! I would love to have a pdf. I read your blog from time to time when Jen posts a link to yours. I always enjoy your creativity and energy. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Thanks! Sarah

    • Thanks Sarah. I’d love to email you the pdf files. I’m so glad you found my blog through my little powerhouse sister. I hope you visit often…and leave comments. I love hearing from you guys. :)

  9. Hi,

    Just came across your blog and am just about to start a farm topic with my kids so these would be great.Could you please send me the pdf file. Thanks for your hard work and looking forward to going throught the rest of your blog.

  10. Hi Lori,
    Thumbled upon ur blog. Nice blog! Would appreciate if you could email me the pdf file. Tried printing directly but it has been truncated. Thank you so much for sharing!

  11. Your post is fabulous. We are starting our farm unit this week :-)I would be honored if you would like to share your pdf files with me too. Love your ideas ;-) You inspired me to do some fantastic things with my two precious devils ;-) Thank you for your time and engagement. By the way I love the pictures of your boys working together it’s so cute. Love from Poland.

    • I’d love to send you the files. I’m glad you like them. Keep an eye out for them. They should be coming over soon. Thanks for the love from Poland. I’m sending you back some love from America.

  12. Hello! I just came across your blog. Just fantastic. I would love to have a pdf of your farm animals if possible. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and materials.

    • Thanks Kimberly. I’m glad you like them. I’ll send them over shortly. It’s a really fun work. I bet the kids are going to love it.

  13. Lori, Your “Farm Animal Families” cards are very nice. Could you please email them to me in the pdf. format. My printer is not working well with the jpg. images. They will be very valuable to our public, Montessori classroom in Waco, TX. Thanks for all you hard work.

    • I’d love to. How nice that you have Montessori Magnet schools in Waco. I wish they did that in the DFW area for my children. I’ll send the cards over shortly. Let me know if the kids in your classroom enjoy them. :)

  14. Hi from South Africa!
    I came across your site today and love your farm animal cards. I have a small Montessori school which I run from home and am forever making up new materials and would love to make up these cards. Please email the PDF files.
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Nadja! How wonderful is it that the internet puts us in touch with each other! I’d love to send you the cards. You should receive them soon. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you come back soon and comment often because I’d love to hear from South Africa from time to time. :)

  15. Hi Lori
    Is there any chance to email your farm animals families nomenclature cards to me in PDF file?
    Kind regards

    • It says the pdf files exceeds your fixed maximum message size; even if I send them one at a time. I can’t make them any smaller without turning them into jpegs which are already uploaded to the post. Let me know if you have another idea how I can send them to you. Sorry about that.

  16. These cards are wonderful and I would love to have a PDF file of them. I know we would get a lot of use out of them. My son loves farm animals.

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    • Nana, I just noticed I never responded to your comment. I’m so sorry about that! Did I ever send you the Farm Animal Families cards? If not, I can send them right away. I hope you forgive my oversight. -Lori

  18. I was hoping that someone else had already made some cards like this. I knew it would take me forever to accomplish and why reinvent the wheel?! Can you email me the PDF files? Thanks!!

  19. I love these! These cards are wonderful-Could you please email them to me in the pdf ?


  20. I’ve been following you for a while and just discovered these wonderful cards. Could I ask you to send me the PDF? My youngest son is soooo into farm animals these days. I think your cards would be a great addition to our farm basket! Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah, first of all…thank you for following me. I’m glad to have you as a reader. =) Second of all…I’d love to send you the cards. I bet your little guy is going to like them! My sons are really into the farm right now too. I hope you’re having a great weekend!

  21. Hi Lori!
    One of my dreams is to one day have a farm of my own but in the mean time, this work will do! My kids and I love animals of all kinds. Could you send the pdf link to my email? Thanks in advance. Also…I was ‘eavesdropping’ on a comment above…Whats a Montessori Magnet School?

    Take care,

    • I’d love to send you the pdfs. A Magnet school is a school provided by the public school system, but it offers a specialized curriculum. Some specialize in the arts, other science, some math, but in this case Montessori. It often has high academic standards and has limited openings. We don’t have a Montessori Magent School in our area…unfortunately. You should check to see if they have one in your area. It would be a great resource to know about.

      • Same thing as a charter school? My son attending a Montessori Charter school at the start of Kindergarten–It did NOT work out. The public school system in my area is failing and private schools are Soo expensive. I even heard that at one of the TOP private schools in my area, the wealthier parents are simply moving to different areas-just because the education is not up to par! I have accepted that at some point, I will end up homeschooling my two. My son is slated to start a brand new(just built) elementary school in the Fall and I’m worried because school starts in like 2 months and they don’t even have the PTA set up yet! Ugh! Anyway, I’m rambling, thanx for the info!

      • That’s dissapointing! I’m sorry you’ve had such trouble with the public school system. I hope homeschooling works out better for you guys. Once you get in the groove, I bet you are really going to like it. I know I do. :)

  22. Wow, you are my angel. I am trying to get myself together for a schedule for our 3 year old twins:) WEll, they turn 3 on the 13th. I am hoping to find some guidance for a schedule, any thoughts.

    • I’d love to give you an answer, but I have a lot to say. {As always} =) Is it ok if I make a whole post about it? I think it might help others too. Or I can email you if you prefer that.

  23. Hi there again,
    Thank you for this amazing work. Would you email me the pdf? Also, what is the container in the green container? Is the green container from IKEA? Much happiness to you!

  24. Hi Lori,
    You do such wonderful work with your children, I would love a copy of your PDF to use with my children too.
    Thank you so much for your inspiration.

    • Thank you Wendie Anne for your sweet comment. I will send the pdfs right over. I hope you come back often and comment as much as you can. I love hearing from you guys!

    • I tried to email them, but they were returned as undeliverable. The files are larger than what is allowed by your email provider. My sister printed out the jpegs and they look very good. I would right click on the images in this post and save them to your computer to print out. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to send the pdf files. I hope the jpegs work out for you.

  25. Hi Lori,
    I love your cards. Can you please email me the pdf file the farms animal family cards.


  26. Stumbled on your site while searching for 3-part cards. Thank you so much for sharing them. Now if I can only finish printing everything for my pre-K daughter before baby #2 arrives.

    • Thanks Tari. I emailed you the pdf files in case you needed them. I know what you mean about printing everything out. It’s a full time job just preparing all of the materials!

  27. HI Lori, would you resend me the pdf file for the farm animals once again? Hubby loaded word on my apple:)

    • Bad news…I tried, but it was still unsuccessful. I forwarded you the error I received. Have you thought about getting a free yahoo email account? I know it will go through on yahoo.

  28. Hi Lori, my husband has printed out for me, and I have laminated them and cut them out. I am looking forward to introduce this with Joshua, when he is ready. I love all the cute farm animal pictures that you have found. Thank you so much for sharing. I would like to eventually make a post on this and link it to your blog, if it is alright with you. If you ever do a series on wild animals, it would be great, if you share the template too :-)

    • I’d love for you to link back to my blog, but will you do me a favor and not add the files to your post? I don’t own the images, so I’d rather keep them on the “Free Materials” page on my blog with the warning not to sell or use them for commercial use. Next time I have some free time I’ll make wild animal cards. That would be fun. Thanks for the idea. :)

  29. Hi Lori, just out of curiosity, I would like to compare the picture quality with the pdf files. When you have a chance, I would be grateful, if you could send me the pdf files. Thanks very much in advance.

  30. Lori – I found your sight looking for some Farm Animal 3-Part Cards. These are not exactly what I had in my mind when I was searching, but I LOVE them. I love how they have the mother, father, and baby and the names for them on the cards, what a wonderful idea! I would love it if you could send the PDF for these cards. Thanks so much!

    I also ‘liked’ your facebook page!

    • Hi Keri! I’m so glad you found me. I’d love to send you the cards. I’m glad you like them. Thanks for liking me on facebook. I hope you’ll comment often so we can get to know each other. The best part of blogging is meeting other moms with the same goals. I’m off to send you the cards…

  31. Hi,

    I know I’m a bit late but just came across this. If you don’t mind, I’d love the pdf versions since the jpg printed out very small. thanks so much! These will come in handy when we visit my dad’s farm in August. Thanks!!

    • Hi Alicia. It’s never too late around here. :) I’m glad you found my blog and hope you come back often. I’m emailing you the pdfs as I type this. They will go perfectly with your farm visit. We have a farm in the family too, which we LOVE to visit. Hope you stop by often.

  32. These are fabulous cards. The grammar boxes have these, but just with words. I like these for younger children.

    Would you send me a pdf set, please?

    Trying to stay cool and having a relaxing summer.

    • Hi Rita. I’d love to send you the pdf files. They are on their way. I hope you stay cool. It’s hard for us to do in this Texas heat. :)

    • Rita, I’m so sorry, but I wasn’t able to send the files because they are larger than what your email account allows. I recommend signing up for a yahoo account and I’ll re-email them to you.

    • Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment on the Farm Animal Family Cards. I hope you come by and comment often. I love hearing from you guys. :)

  33. What a nice surprise to find your website. I really like your photos. Please send me the pdf files. I hope to make these for my students for next week. Thank you for sharing!

  34. Great site,Lori.Stumbled via montessori print shop.Loved the farm animals cards.Could you please email me the pdf files? Thank you so much for sharing .

  35. love ur site. I would love to have the pdfs please.
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful piece of work. I really appreciate your effort.
    Fabtastic farm animal family pictures

  36. Fantastic Farm animal pictures.
    I stumbled on your blog via Montessori Print Shop.
    I really appreciate you sharing your wonderful piece of work.
    Thank you

    • Hi Aditee. So glad you stumbled upon my blog. I always love meeting new readers. I sent you the files. I hope you like them. :)

    • Raelene, I’m sorry, but I wasn’t able to send you the files. They were larger than what your email account can receive. I recommend one of two options: 1) right clicking on the JPEG files in the post and saving them to your computer. Then, printing them out from your computer. 2) signing up for a free yahoo account and commenting again with your new email address. I have a yahoo account so I know it allows larger document sizes than other email accounts. Sorry again.

  37. What a great piece of work ! I would love to have the pdfs please.
    Thank you for sharing. Really appreciate it.

  38. These are awesome! I found your blog through a friends blog and am glad I happened upon your site. The recent pictures you posted of your son jumping are great! I also love jumping pictures. If you wouldn’t mind sending me the PDF for these I would really appreciate it. Thanks for the time and energy you put into them!

  39. Hi. I love your site. These cards about the animals families would be a real hit with the children.
    I would also like to have the PDFs please.
    Thanks a lot.

  40. This is a beautiful piece of work. We are spending the week spending learning about the farm, could you please forward this onto me,thanks

  41. I’ve been homeschooling for years but I’m new to Montessori and I stumbled across your blog the other day looking for some fresh ideas! Your farm animal family cards are simply lovely. I would appreciate it if you would please email me the pdf for these. Many thanks!

  42. Would you mind e-mailing the files? My son would love to sort and match these! Can’t believe I didn’t find your site sooner.

  43. Would you still be willing/able to e-mail the farm animal family nomenclature cards? I am starting a unit with my son on families and these cards would be VERY helpful! THANK YOU!

  44. Would you mind e-mailing the files? My son would love to sort and match these! Can’t believe I didn’t find your site sooner.

  45. Just found these – they are beautiful! Can you send me the pdf’s when you get a chance? I will keep checking back to see what other great stuff you have done. Thanks!

    • Hey Heather! I tried to send them to you but it was returned undeliverable. I emailed you about it. Hopefully we can find a way around it so I can send them again.

      p.s. Thanks for the compliment and for liking the cards. :)

  46. Hi Lori,
    Your talent is amazing! I love the work you created. Is there a possibility you can send me the pdf so I can use it with my little one? We live in a small area with limited access to Montessori and I am sure she would love to enjoy the cards as well. Thank you for your commitment and dedication to the education of little ones.

    • Thanks so much for your sweet compliment. :) I emailed the files, there should be four emails total. I hope she likes them as much as my boys do.

  47. These are really great. I stumbled across them on Pinterest, but they’re exactly what I’ve been looking for. I would love a pdf if you have time.

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  49. hi

    these are fantastic. i teach a class of 12 3-5 year old montessori children. they would love these. if you could send them to me as a pdf file i would be grateful. thanks sarah

  50. These are great. Could I please get the PDF file? This would be great for my son with Autism.
    Thank you for sharing with everyone.

    • Hi Lorena, I just returned from a week long vacation. I emailed you the Farm Animal Cards. Thanks for being patient. Have a great week!

  51. HI Lori

    Thank you for all the sharing that you have make possible to all. I have just started at a Montessori school and would be requiring a lot of nomenclature cards for the maths and culture area. Will you please sent me the 3-part nomenclature cards for farm animal families.

    Thank you for all the work you do in allowing us to provide the best education for he little people in our care.

    Sandra ( South Africa)

    • Hi Sandra, Thank you for your interest in the Farm Animal Family Cards. Your sweet comment made my night. Sorry for the delay. I’ve just returned from a week long vacation, so thank you for your patience. I just finished sending the cards. Let me know if there’s anything else I can do. Best wishes from Texas, Lori

  52. Hi, These are lovely cards. Can I have a PDF set for the nursery I work at, as we are doing On the Farm as a topic.

    Many Thanks

    Sarah from Kent, England.

  53. Wow Lori these are awesome!! I wish I would have seen them last year, but I’m still glad to find them! I, too, would be interested in the pdf file. Thank you so much for sharing!!

  54. Hi, I am a Montessori directress in England and am currently doing farm animal familes with my class. The pairing cards you have created are great. Could you please email me a pdf file. Thank you so much.

  55. I love these animal cards! I’m very interested in the pdf file. Can you email it to me as well. Thank you so much for sharing!!

    • Hello Heather! You are so welcome! Thank you for being patient while I worked through my illness. I sent them over and I hope you enjoy them.

    • Hi Kelly, I’m not able to email the cards without a valid email address. The one you have provided isn’t valid. Please comment again with a valid one and I’d be glad to send the cards over.

  56. Your blog is fantastic and I love reading to every post, You are a great example for those that want to learn and do homeschooling.. This activity sound interesting, I have a 21 month old boy and at some point I hope to do this with him… Can you please send me a copy of the pdf file? Thanks and keep u the good work :)

  57. These cards are wonderful, but I couldn’t print them either…would you mind sending pdf version. I teach 4K and we are starting a farm unit.

    • Hi Jenny! I tried sending over the cards and they were returned because the files are too large for your email. I suggest getting a free yahoo account because I haven’t had any problems with sending them to yahoo users.

  58. Hi Lori,
    I have been going crazy looking for farm animal families and I happened to stumble into your blog. These are wonderful! I am doing my Synthesis Project for my Montessori Internship at Contra Costa College in San Pablo, CA and my topic happens to be FARM, anything and everything related to it. Please please kindly email me your file? Thank you in advance and continue your good work! God Bless…Rose…

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  60. Hi Lori,
    I love your animal cards, and I want to show it to my son because he loved playing with the animals. Could you please send me the pdf version? Thank you

  61. These are some of the best cards I have seen. Great work & thanks for sharing (saves lots of time when we share). I would love copies of these in PDF format when you get the chance. Thanks!

  62. Lori, these are beautiful! Could you please email me the pdf version as well? It would be very appreciated. Thank you kindly in advanced!

  63. Hello, I would love to use these with my two little ones. I tried using the jpeg images, but they aren’t loading for me. Could you please email the pdf files to me? Thank you!!

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  65. Hi Lori,

    I’ve just found your post and I really like your cards. It is possible to send me them? I’m preparing farm unit for my daughter and this would be nice enrichment. Thanks in advance.

  66. I love your fun farm activities. I teach kindergarten at a charter school and want to teach animal names to my class before we visit the zoo on our field trip. Can you please send me a copy of your PDF files? Thank you for sharing your cards !

    • Hi Pam! I’m so jealous that you work at a charter school! Please come open one up in Frisco, TX. I would be over the moon if one would open up near us. Just curious, where is your school located? May be I’ll move. LOL. I hope your class enjoys the cards and the trip to the zoo.

      • Lori, Thank you for the cards! I am so looking forward to trying them in my classroom.

        My school is changing this year to a classic charter school. I am really excited to see the new things that will be happenting this fall. Here is our website.

      • 1010 Bellaire Blvd, Lewisville, TX 75067 is the address.
        We are near I-35 and business 121. I work with 2 teachers that drive from McKinney every day!

  67. Oh ! I have been searching for these for quite some time … I am French speaking and I admit that I eventually end up searching in English. Congratulations on your choice of pictures, very nice.
    Can I ask you for a favour ? Do you mind sending the file to me ? Even in pdf, them I can modify it and make it French version.
    Thanks a lot and again congrats on your great job !

  68. Oh! this is a great mind to think about giving your children educative stimulating enviroment at home! i feel like starting all over.. laughter. nevertheless this is very useful for me as an early childhood teacher. kindly send me pdf if pssible. more grease to your elbow!

  69. Do you mind sending me the pdf file. These look awesome!! I found your website via pinterest :) I love all your ideas!

    • I emailed them over just now. I LOVE Pinterest! So many great ideas. I’m glad you found me and I hope you like the cards. :)

  70. I love these! They are absolutely perfect for the farm unit I’m planning for my little ones in the fall. If it wouldn’t be too much trouble, could you please send me the pdf?

  71. Just found these on Pinterest – LOVE them! Are you willing to send me a copy?? I’m new to the Montessori world (will be pre-k homeschooling this fall) and these would be a great addition to our farm unit. Thanks and have a great day!

  72. I would love to get a pdf version of these cards if possible. I printed them in English off your site, but want to change them to both Spanish and French as well since we use both languages here too. Thanks!

  73. I just came across your blog. You are doing good work.You saved us from ordering our material from Adena.Would it be possible for you to send farm animal files in PDF form? Do you have any recommendation for affordable yet authentic Montessori teaching material website?

    • Hi! I just emailed over the farm animal family cards. As for affordable and authentic Montessori materials…there doesn’t seem to be one out there. The truly authentic ones are very expensive. You can find quality products at but even they don’t correlate properly between the knobbed and knobbless cylinders. Living Montessori NOW has a long list of suppliers and you can read through the comments to get reviews. The URL is Good luck with your search. My hope is that one day there will be an exceptionally accurate supplier who is affordable. Right now, there isn’t a perfect option.

  74. Hi, I just found your site. I love your farm animal cards. Are you still e-mailing them in pdf? I would love to have them for my preschool farm week. Thank you so much.

  75. i would love to have the pdf file of this activity …could you kindly email this to me ? thanks alot :)

  76. Could you please send me the farm animal cards. I have a small montessori preschool in Ireland and I am currently planning for the new class starting in September. These would be a lovely addition to my collection, thanks

    • You lucked out in being one of the last people I’m sending the cards out to before the baby is born. :) They should be in your inbox now. I hope you enjoy them and have a great week.

      • Yes, Veronica. 2 of the emails were returned to me with the message that your inbox is full and it was a permanent error. Email me when you get it cleared out and I’ll resend them.

  77. Great work you are doing with your children! I love the animal cards, I would love to have a pdf copy for my boys – 14 months and 3 y.o. I began searching for actual farm animals with the farm that the children can hold, but turns out they are so expensive! Thanks so much!!

    • You lucked out in being one of the last people I’m sending the cards out to before the baby is born. :) They should be in your inbox now. I hope you enjoy them.

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  79. Just found your site in my search for farm animal works for my classroom. I would be very grateful to you if you would email me the pdf. Thank you.

    • You lucked out in being one of the last people I’m sending the cards out to before the baby is born. :) They should be in your inbox now. I hope you enjoy them.

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