Veterinarians at Play

{Critter Clinic by B. Toys}

When my mom gave “Critter Clinic” to Asher for Christmas, I never would have guessed it would outshine most of the other gifts.  Granted it’s cute, but with all of the transformers, trucks and tractors, I didn’t think it had a chance.  I guess that goes to show you that you never truly understand a child’s mind…unless you are my mother.  Thanks mom!

Here are a few of my favorite things about this toy…

{All of the parts fit in the roof which snaps shut – no more searching}


{It nurtures the child’s creative soul for extended periods of time}


{It reinforces their innate desire to be kind to animals}

{They practice using colored keys to unlock the matching door} 


 It’s one of the few toys that the boys play {nicely} together.

You can buy “Critter Clinic” here.  The name might be cheesy, but it’s well worth the buy!

11 thoughts on “Veterinarians at Play

  1. This is adorable! They look so sweet taking care of the pets. How did mom get the best presents for our boys? Holden’s fav Christmas present was from her too! I want her talent.

  2. Omigosh I got Brayden that same toy! He loves keys and locks, so I grabbed it just for that, but all the kids have loved playing with it. Isn’t it a nice contrast to the beat-’em up toys that boys usually get?!

  3. Isn’t it crazy how your kids will constantly surprise you? Cute blog, by the way! I’m excited to check it out some more and get more projects to do with my boys:) I love Montessori! I almost signed up for a Montessori training a few months ago and then realized it just wouldn’t work into our (then) crazy schedule but it is totally something I believe in.

    • Hey Jennifer! Thanks for your sweet comments. I love hearing from people. I {heart} Montessori…a lot. I truly believe it nurtures the child’s soul and allows them the freedom to be who they are. My school room is in chaos right now because of the remodel. Why do remodels always take longer than they should??? Whenever I get it back to normal I’ll do a big post on all of the Montessori curriculum we’re currently using. I think your boys would really like the Montessori works and a lot of them are inexpensive.

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