101 in 1001

Instead of making New Year’s Resolutions this year, make and achieve goals…101 goals to be exact.  And the best thing about it? You can set these goals anytime, not just at New Years.  I spent a long time thinking of goals that are meaningful and pertinent to my life.  I know it’s a long list…you may give up half way through.  I’m posting it to hold myself accountable and keep it well organized…and any cheering or support from you is a bonus.  A HUGE BONUS.  :)

The Mission:
Complete 101 goals in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
The goals must be specific with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined.

Why 1001 Days?
1001 days (about 2.75 years) allows you several seasons to complete tasks, which is better for organizing and timing things like overseas trips or outdoor activities.  And…let’s be realistic…I need the time.  =)

The Specifics:
Start Date: January 7, 2011
End Date: October 4, 2013
Goals Completed: 17/101
Goals in Progress: 18/101
Last Updated: January 2, 20112

The Categories: (you do what feels right for you)
Adventures (A)
Creative (C)
Faith (F)
Home (H)
Kindness – to myself & others (K)
Motherhood (M)

Timing Color Codes:

  1. Designate at least 30 minutes a day to only speaking Spanish (M)
  2. Read scriptures daily (F)
  3. Read to my children daily (M)
  4. Eat breakfast daily (K)
  5. Pray daily (F
  6. Cut coupons to save $10 per week on groceries (H
  7. Meditate at least 3 times a week (F)
  8. Attend church weekly (F)
  9. Take a walk at least once a week (K) 
  10. Find a fun way to exercise with the boys weekly (M)
  11. Write my grandma an email weekly (K)
  12. Pay a 10% tithe monthly (F)
  13. Teach the boys about one prophet a month (F
  14. Get a pedicure every other month (K)
  15. Take a monthly mommy-day-out (K) 
  16. Give Robert a monthly daddy-day-out (K)
  17. Get Angel’s nails clipped monthly (K)
  18. Plan a monthly field trip (M)
  19. Invest in an IRA every year (H)
  20. Take CEU’s to maintain Registered Interior Designer license (C)
  21. Celebrate our marriage in Italy – without kids (A)
  22. Cheer at a Texas Tech football game (A)
  23. Celebrate our fun family at Disney World (A)
  24. Visit the Fort Worth Zoo (A)
  25. Catch up with family members during a visit to Utah (A)
  26. Take the kids to a rodeo (A)
  27. Take the kids on an airplane (A)
  28. Take the kids on a train (A)
  29. Go camping (A)
  30. Go one whole week without internet, voluntarily (K)
  31. Take a friend or family member to church with us (F)
  32. Design and print business cards (C)
  33. Design a company website (C)
  34. Organize a portfolio (C)
  35. Make a family video (C)
  36. Experiment with photography (C)
  37. Buy domain name for my blog (C)
  38. Take one photo every day for a month and make a coffee table book (C)
  39. Make 3 shadow boxes commemorating special events (C) [0/3]
  40. Learn a new computer program (C)
  41. Design my dream contemporary farmhouse (C)
  42. Cultivate 3 habits to make my life more green (K) [3/3]
  43. Pay the bill for someone behind me in the drive-thru lane (K)
  44. Get a babysitter for regular date nights (K)
  45. Tip a hardworking, friendly server 50% (K)
  46. Learn how to paint (K)
  47. Surprise someone with a care package (K)
  48. Donate 101 items (K) [291/101]
  49. Fill up a handwritten journal (K)
  50. Organize my digital photos (H)
  51. Finish the school room remodel (H)
  52. Put crown molding up in the Master Bedroom (H)
  53. Install new countertops in the Kitchen (H)
  54. Clean out and organize the Garage (H)
  55. Install a new fence (H)
  56. Write a will (H)
  57. Organize my closet (H)
  58. Donate 1/4 of the clothing in my closet (K)
  59. Eat out of my pantry for a month, donate anything left to the Food Bank (K)
  60. Use Menu Planner to simplify my life (H)
  61. Set up a fund for having baby #3 (H)
  62. Have baby #3 =)  (M)
  63. Go caroling (K)
  64. Volunteer at a Food Kitchen (K)
  65. Read 20 Books (K) [20/20]
  66. Play in the rain as a family (A)
  67. Go on a picnic as a family (A)
  68. Go on a romantic picnic with Robert (A)
  69. Meet for lunch with friends quarterly (K)
  70. Go horseback riding (A)
  71. Take a weekend trip somewhere we’ve never been (A)
  72. Take the boys to a museum (A)
  73. Create a school curriculum and stick with it (M)  See curriculum by clicking link below:  montessori MOMents Kindergarten Curriculum
  74. Develop a circle time routine (M)
  75. Potty-train Asher (M)
  76. Refinance our mortgage loan if beneficial (H)
  77. Teach JR to read & write (M)
  78. Research kindergarten curriculum and home school options (M)
  79. Organize recipes (H)
  80. Take photos of cooking with the boys and publish a cookbook (C)
  81. Hand off 5 responsibilities to Robert and don’t be a control freak (K) [2/5]
  82. Clean out email inbox (messages from 7 years ago are still there!) (H)
  83. Only give handmade gifts for 10 months straight (C) [10/10]  here, here
  84. Create mini time capsules for every year the boys have been alive (C)
  85. Surprise the neighbors with a baked good, Christmas doesn’t count! (K)
  86. Fix threshold of back door (H)
  87. Make chocolate croissants for my love (A)
  88. Wear red lipstick (A)
  89. Group and organize my internet bookmarks (H)
  90. Replace the 2 broken smoke detectors in our home (H)
  91. Buy air-tight container for dog food (H)
  92. Make office area more functional (H)
  93. Make office area more inspirational (C)
  94. Watch a Cirque du Soleil Performance (A)
  95. Write 10 handwritten letters (K) [0/10]
  96. Take the boys to a water park (A)
  97. Show Robert how much he means to me in a creative way(K)
  98. Join a club (K)
  99. Get 3 massages (K)[3/3]
  100. Organize/purge my magazine collection (H)
  101. As each goal is completed, invest $10 into savings (H)

Whew!  That sure is a list.  Thanks to everyone who actually hung on until the end.  If any of you are setting goals this year, I’d love to hear about it.  Leave a link in the comments section if you are blogging about your goals.  A wonderful thing about blogging is the support you can receive from all over the world.  So…if you actually read any of the above list, what is your favorite goal?  Goal you thought was funny?  Goal that sounds hard?  What goal would you add?