Where does cotton come from?

{Asher playing in the excess cotton that falls next to the module.}

Two weeks ago we visited “The Farm”.  “The Farm” is a working farm and ranch where Robert grew up and his parents still live.  JR really loves visiting it, because he plays in the dirt and sees big tractors.  Abuelita and Wilo even bought him cowboy boots to wear while we are out there.  This time of year, Uncle Ramiro is harvesting the cotton he planted.  We love visiting during the harvest most of all.

{Rows of cotton before it blooms.}

{Cotton Flower}

{Rows of cotton ready to be harvested.}


{Cotton modules ready for pick up.}

Two of my favorite things to teach our boys are:  current influences in our lives & subjects they are excited and interested about.  Cotton farming is both of those things.  I love that we have family in the agriculture business so we can expose our children to farming.  Sometimes we get disconnected from the source of our goods and I’m proud my children know where our cotton goods come from and what wheat is made into.  We can’t wait for Thanksgiving, when we get a tour of the cotton gin Abuelita works at.  It will be fun to see the machinery, the cotton seed and the cotton seed oil.

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