Today was yet another wonderful day.  We leisurely ate breakfast, did our school work in our pjs and ate lunch outside.  The boys love their Halloween pjs.  JR calls his skeleton pjs his “dark skeleton robot thing.”  It’s really cute.  He loves that they glow in the dark.  I figure he’ll wear them year round, or at least I hope he does.  They’re too cute to only make an appearance for a month. 

As October progresses and we get closer and closer to the holiday season, I’m encouraging myself to enjoy the calm.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there’s a lot of work and preparation that goes into all of that magic.  For now, I’m taking it easy and enjoying the small stuff with my two little monkeys.  Today I introduced threading to the boys.  I had skull rings left over from our tweezing works and thought they would be perfect to thread a ribbon through. 

JR started us off by demonstrating how to thread the skulls.  I love the funny expressions the boys make when they’re concentrating.  I wonder if I do the same thing…



After JR finished, I noticed the end of the ribbon was snagged so I taped it like the end of a shoe lace so that it would also be easier for Asher.  Threading was really challenging for Asher (20 months), but he also enjoyed it and it held his attention for 15 or 20 minutes.



               {The last photo is Asher’s way of saying he’s finished.  :) }

5 thoughts on “Threading

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  2. Oh my goodness, i am not kidding you, but I just did this this morning with my kiddos with the spider rings on a dowel without even seeing your post. I just saw it now:) Great minds think alike. I like the idea of doing this on a ribbon and making a spider necklace.

    • How funny! We seem to be on similar wave lengths a lot of the time. I’m in good company. :) We did that last year and both of the boys loved it. I’m breaking out all of my Halloween stuff this next week. Should be fun!

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