Creative Seasonal Ideas

Today we mainly worked on numeral recognition with our sandpaper numbers and the egg carton number work.  Since I’ve already shared those works in the past, I thought I would share some fun seasonal ideas other people are doing.

Pumpkin Displaying Age:  I’m thinking of using Martha Stewart’s Pumpkin Number Idea to display the boys’ ages.  What a cute photo idea!

Spider Tweezing:  I saw the ice-cube tray at the dollar store.  I think I might add this one to the shelf this week.

Fall Tree Craft:  This one looks fun…but messy.  Good thing I’m getting better about letting the boys make a mess.  ;)

Pom Pom Baby Fun:  Wouldn’t this be fun with orange and black pom poms?  (Scroll down to the end of the post to see the picture.)

Halloween Sensory Tub:  This would be fun for all ages…even babies and toddlers…just make sure they don’t eat any of it!!!  :)

Skeleton Puzzle:  JR LOVES skeletons.  He’d find this one really fun.

Spooky Sorting:  Really cute execution!

Egg Carton Pumpkins:  I never tire of repurposing egg cartons in a cute way.  :)

Creative Pumpkins:  No carving necessary.  Yay!

And since I hate to end a post without a pic…here’s a photo of JR hamming it up on an old bridge we found a couple of weekends ago.  We’re thinking of using it as a backdrop for our next family photos…what do you guys think?

One thought on “Creative Seasonal Ideas

  1. This girl on facebook did a cute thing with her baby. She cut off the top 1/4 of a pumpkin, emptied out everything in there, cut leg holes and sat her baby boy in it and left the 1/4 top of the pumpkin next to him. It was a cute idea! I don’t think Holden can sit up well enough for it though..

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