Cutting with a Knife

I saw a video that showed that as early as 18 months a child can help prepare the food they are eating.  In the video the 2-year-old was cutting a banana with a butter knife while supervised by her father.  I thought to myself, “what am I waiting for?”  I’m not really waiting for anything, but I’m always surprised by the things I don’t even realize JR is ready for.  So this morning, JR cut a banana using a butter knife for the first time.  We had the conversation about how I have to be present any time he uses or touches a knife.  He was very proud of himself because that meant he was a really big boy…up until this point, knives were strictly for adults. 



We used to eat pancakes all the time in our pre “high protein diet life.”  Some days it feels like we are on the Atkins Diet.  Today, I decided to throw “protein to the wind” and make one of our favorite breakfasts of all time….pancakes!  We’ve tried many pancake recipes and this one is our favorite: Fluffy Pancakes.  The boys always wake up hungry from their 9 hour fast.  It’s always a rush to see how fast I can make it and it sometimes even includes a pre-breakfast snack.  This morning – bananas.  I finally got finished and placed the large stack of pancakes in front of the boys.  Asher did not appreciate stalling for even 1 minute to take a picture.  He is all business when it comes to eating.  I took a photo anyways, so later he can see that although he was an easy-going, laid back baby…he did have his limits.  He has a temper when he’s passionate about something.  Hopefully, in the future, no one comes between him and his pancakes.  :)  I love the confused look on JR’s face…he’s like, “what’s the deal?”


Once we placed the pancakes directly in front of Asher, he calmed down.  The look on his face is almost like he’s shaming me.  How is it that a toddler can say so many things without even saying a word?  We’ll definitely have pancakes again, but I assure you this will be the only documentation.  I prefer to traumatize my children as little as possible.   :)